Only thing to fear is sphere itself

Lexi Louis – President of FES

This may seem shocking to some physicists, but I strongly believe the earth is flat. Physicists have missed the point of view we see from our eyes and what technology cannot reveal. The earth appears as a sphere from a camera in space, but to us we only see the horizon. As you walk down the street, you do not see a curve. The earth is a flat oval. Some reasons for this are gravity, light, ancient myths, and the moon. As the president of the flat earth club, I urge you to read and consider the rest of this article.
Isaac Newton discovered gravity because of an apple falling from a tree. How could an apple fall from the bottom of the earth? How could an apple fall from the side of the earth? It isn’t possible because gravity drags things down. The apple would drift away into space if it fell from the bottom of the earth or the side. The reason you cannot visit Antarctica is because if you jumped from the snow you would fall off of the face of the earth. In addition, Isaac Newton said that the moon would fly away if gravity didn’t exist. Another clue that the earth is flat is we never see the “far side” of the moon.
When we look into the night sky, we only see two dimensional objects because everything is flat. There is no such thing as the far side of the moon because it doesn’t exist. When we apply this knowledge to the earth, we realize that the earth is also flat. We don’t see three dimensional objects when we look into space through a telescope, we see a flat plane of them. You can’t put 3D glasses on and look through a telescope to try and see if a planet is a sphere instead of a flat oval. You will inevitably see one side of the planet or star because it is flat. If we glance at the sun, we cannot discern its shape clearly because of its blinding lights. Its powerful rays make it difficult to ascertain if it is a sphere.
The shape of the earth being like an egg shaped frisbee makes more sense than a sphere because of observable motions. When we throw a ball, it doesn’t have any of the same properties as throwing a frisbee. A frisbee stays afloat much longer in the air than a baseball. How could two balls orbit each other better than two frisbees? The milky way is shaped like a giant, elongated frisbee. Everything moves better this way around the massive black hole at the center.
If the earth was hollow, a sphere, or square, it wouldn’t be understandable. Some ancient myths thought the earth was hollow for an underworld, but we can use a shovel and dig into the ground to see it isn’t hollow. However, it is dangerous to dig too far. We will reach a point at the bottom of the earth, and we will fall off the planet. We have tangible, concrete proof that the earth is layered like an onion. We can’t look from an outside perspective of space and look back at Earth to see it is a sphere.
Some ancient myths thought the earth was a four cornered square. This is the closest theory of the truth, but it lacks the correct shape. How could a perfectly cut square exist in space? The earth has been weathered over time and became an oval. The earth is similar to an onion and a cake. It is flat, layered, and thick.
Today it is widely thought and accepted that the earth is a sphere. It has slipped past our innate ability of questioning and individualism to ponder if it is true. We have silently accepted what we see from textbooks and pictures. Most have conformed to the idea of a spherical planet and avoided dissenting to it. However, what we see and perceive with our eyes is the closest to the truth. We don’t see the earth from space, we only see it from the ground. We can constantly produce pictures of a spherical earth that depict vivid realism, but we can’t see the pictures existing from our eyes.
The earth is not a sphere, cube, or a square. The earth is a flat oval because of its properties, its shape and its surroundings. A frisbee will stay afloat much longer than a sphere. The moon does not appear three dimensional from the ground. We only see one side of it because the other side of it is nonexistent. I urge you to attend our meetings and come to understand our reality that is so often denied.

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