Missed Connections

Masked connection
I saw you socially distanced in the Caf and we made masked eye contact as we grabbed for a COVID safe salad. You were wearing athleisure and had a Gustavus lanyard around your neck. I can’t stop thinking about taking you on a socially distant walk.

Courtyard Courtship
To the brunette in Uhler, I saw your tabby hair from the courtyard and I knew we were meant to be together. I tried to talk to you, but you only meowed back. Maybe you’re shy?

In my feelings
We talked about potstickers and our mutual love for Drake. You had a sports backpack on, #47, I’m not sure what sport it was. Why do so many sports start with B?

I know we broke up a year ago (after you went traying with that girl from your Geo Lab), but I would really like to start again. Let’s meet at the spot where we first squaredanced. You know the place.

Co-Ed Activities
You live in the section next to mine. We sat and did Bio homework together, and talked about the color of our eyes. Yours were bright baby blue… like a sexy robin’s egg. Maybe I could look into them a little longer if we were alone in my dorm room, let’s put the Co in Co-Ed.

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