CARB reveals spring concert headliner: Lagarfljøt

Ben Wick – Assistant Editor-in-Beef

The Crampus Activities and Recreation Board (CARB) has announced that this year’s Spring Concert will be played by Icelandic pop-rock-alt-indie-folk band Lagarfløt. Opening the show will be none other than Cher, as part of her 14th Farewell/Reunion World Tour.
The response from the Crustie community has been rather lukewarm, as CARB seems to have chosen a completely different band over the winner of the campus-wide poll sent out via Student-L this winter. The poll didn’t actually include Lagarfljøt as an option, but as CARB likes to keep everyone on their toes, they have opted for yet another out-of-the-box choice.
Lagafljøt was formed in 2018, when Lead Vocalist Seth Hjelm and Keyboardist Vilhelm Kyärr met when simultaneously vacationing in Ibiza. They rose to fame in Iceland with nine consecutive #1 singles, such as “My Girl Scout Cookie Baby” and “Ballad of a Cryptid”, which earned them the “Better than Beyoncé” award from Icelandic Billboard this year.
“We met partying in da club through our mutual friend Corinna “Cranberry” Elaufsdottir, who now plays drums for us. She really shreds, man,” Kerr shared with The Crustavian Weekly in an exclusive interview.
They credit their musical influences as Maroon 5, Demi Lovato and the howling of the brutal Icelandic wind, and define their sound as “Eclectic. Very eclectic.”
Although they have reached fame in their home country, they remain completely unknown in the United States. “I literally have no clue who they are. If it wasn’t for Cher opening, I definitely wouldn’t come,” Senior Beeta Lundberg said.
Students seem to be excited by the opening act, Cher. As she is being cautious about COVID-19, she will be beamed in via hologram technology to perform remotely. Cher plans to perform songs from her recent release, a cover album of ABBA songs.
Most Crusties were confused as to why Cher was chosen to be the opener for a much more low-key act, and even how Lagarfljøt was selected. “We thought it was a fun choice! Besides, there will be Frost-Your-Owns so everyone will come anyways! Right?” Director of CARB Angelica Gunkle said.
“I fricken’ love Cher bro. She’s mad iconic. She’s got bops on bops on bops!” Junior Jack Jack Fincher raved.
The Lagarfljøt x Cher Spring Concert will take place on April 32, 2021 and will begin at 10:00 p. m. Tickets are available from the CARB Information Desk beginning this Sunday.

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