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Campus Safety Report (10/23/2020) - The Gustavian Weekly

By The Weekly Staff | October 23, 2020 | Campus safety report

Monday, October 12th

  • Campus Safety responded to a medical assist at Beck Hall atrium. Patient had a medical protocol on file. Patient was not transported and Dean on Call was notified per protocol.

Tuesday, October 13th

  • A Sohre Hall CF contacted Campus Safety and informed them that there was an odor of marijuana.

Wednesday, October 14th

  • A CF from Norelius Hall called Campus Safety in regards to an odor of marijuana.

Thursday, October 15th

  • Three students in Sohre Hall were referred to the Campus Conduct System for an alcohol violation.
  • A fire alarm went across the radio stating Norelius fire alarm. Campus safety was able to silence the alarm but it would not reset. Work order was placed.
  • A faculty member reported missing Gustavus equipment from the sculpture room from August 2020.

Friday, October 16th

  • Campus Safety responded to a Medical Assist at Jackson Campus Center. Patient was transported to River’s Edge hospital. AC was notified per protocol.

Saturday, October 17th

  • Campus Safety responded to an alcohol incident in Sorensen Hall. Two students were referred to the campus conduct system for underage consumption and possession of alcohol.
  • Campus Safety responded to a fire alarm in the Peterson House.

Sunday, October 18th

  • No incidents reported

Note: Case dispositions are available online by viewing the daily crime log on the Campus Safety web page:

Tip of the Week:
Run, Hide, Fight…Do you know what it means?
Run, Hide, Fight, is a national campaign that Gustavus uses in providing notification during an active threat situation on campus. Basically the run part is that your first option is to get away, get as far away from the threat as you can. Second, if you can’t, then you hide. You barricade yourself wherever you are. You often see the words shelter in place, when it comes to the hide element. You shelter in place to try and keep yourself away from that threat. The last is if you just have no other option, that you can use your mental and physical capacities to defend yourself. That as a last resort to save your life, there may be a need to fight.
For more information about using Run, Hide, Fight in an active threat situation, watch the short video posted on the Campus Safety website in the right hand toolbar under “Safety Training Videos.”

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