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Month: September 2020 - The Gustavian Weekly

WELCOME BACK, GUSTIES! Gustavus staff and faculty prepares for students’ return to campus

As the majority of Gustavus students and staff prepare to return to campus (per a hybrid learning plan), several Gustavus staff members weigh in on their confidence in Gustavus’ ability to successfully curb the negative effects of COVID-19. “I am […]

Campus Safety Report (9/25/2020)

Wednesday, Sept. 16 No incidents reported Thursday, Sept. 17 Campus Safety responded to Pittman Hall for the odor of marijuana. Friday, Sept. 18 Campus Safety vehicle #48 was damaged by Beck Hall. Campus Safety received a call about a conduct […]

St. Peter residents come together to celebrate late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Last Sunday, Sept. 20, a vigil was held for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in order to celebrate her life, recognize her achievements and call for change through the upcoming election. The event was filled with personal stories, a […]

Sports technology startup, JockLab, founded by Gustavus alumni

JockLab founders Alijah Nelson (‘19) and Anierobi Eziolise (‘18) met at Gustavus through playing intramural sport. “We met on the basketball court and then our relationship kind of grew… ended up evolving into the business relationship that we have today. […]

Masked Melodies: Making music amongst COVID-19

COVID-19 has disrupted almost every sphere of life at Gustavus. Some have been easier to adapt to than others. Lectures, for example, have been able to go virtual with relative ease thanks to programs like Google Meet and Zoom, but […]

Gustie of the Week: Ana Martinez

Sophomore Ana Martinez hails from Mexico City, Mexico.

International students are a large component of Gustavus’s unique community. This week’s Gustie of The Week is Sophomore Ana Martinez from Mexico City, Mexico. She enrolled at Gustavus because she wanted to study in the U.S. and after looking at […]

Hypnotist Chris Jones makes annual return to campus

Hypnotist Chris Jones made his highly anticipated return to The Hill this Friday, Sept. 16.

The hypnotist show is a staple of the Gustavus experience. Every year, hypnotist Chris Jones performs his fun and interactive show with the Gustavus student body– specifically, the first-years during orientation weekend. The show is full of comedy and intrigue […]

Five Things to Remember When Returning to Campus

Since upperclassmen Gusties have been finally given the clearance to return to campus this weekend, it is brutally important that everyone remember to take safety precautions to avoid being sent home once again. While it’s pretty obvious that we should […]

Respecting a Lost Leader

We should all be thanking Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) right now. And we definitely should have been thanking her before her death. The way that American women move through the world is radically different than the way they did over […]

It’s Okay Not to Know

I started my undergraduate degree feeling certain that I would major in Political Science. I knew that I wanted to work in government or the nonprofit sector. I felt good about this certainty I possessed and, at times, better than […]