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Campus Safety Report (2/14/2020) | The Gustavian Weekly

By The Weekly Staff | February 14, 2020 | Campus safety report

Sunday, February 1st

  • Campus Safety responded to a dog barking in Uhler Hall.
  • Campus Safety responded to a medical in Southwest Hall. Victim was transported by ambulance to Rivers Edge.

Monday, February 2nd

  • Campus Safety discovered obscene graffiti in Uhler Hall.
  • Campus Safety investigated a report of marijuana odor in Pittman Hall.

Sunday, February 9th

  • A student was transported by ambulance to the hospital and referred to the campus conduct system for underage consumption in Sohre Hall.

Monday, February 10th

  • Campus Safety detected an odor of marijuana in Sohre Hall.
  • Campus Safety responded to a plumbing problem at the International Center.
  • Campus Safety responded to a medical assist at Beck Hall.

Tuesday, February 11th

  • Campus Safety responded to the Health Service Office to transport a student to urgent care.
  • Campus Safety responded to a fire alarm at Uhler hall.

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