Advice for the floundering first-year (2/27/19)

Dear first-years,

Happy Spring semester, and welcome back to campus. You’ve now survived your first-ever semester of college, so congratulations on that. However, I hope you’re ready to buckle down and get to work because this semester is likely going to be harder than the last. You are no longer in the safety net of your first term seminar, you’re mixed up in the rest of the college, where the stakes are high.

Here’s my advice for making themost out of your spring semester. First, stay engaged. I know it’s easy to lose focus when you’ve got other things going on, but stay grounded and remember why you’re here. You’re not getting the most out of college if you’re failing all your classes. It’s okay to have fun sometimes, but college is a balancing act. Be sure that your work gets done.Next, be sure to take care of yourself. You’re going to burn out really fast if you pull all-nighters all the time and live on Cheetos and alcohol. Drink some water, eat a vegetable, and go to bed. You will feel a lot better.

Finally, don’t just make friends, make supportive friends. Make friends with the girl in your class who’s willing to help you study. Be friends with the health nut that encourages you to be physically well.

If your friends are dragging you down and not supporting who you are and what you’re becoming, they aren’t your friends. This is 2019 now, let’s build each other up.

So go out there, first years, and give this semester everything you’ve got. I know you’re capable of amazing things. Prove me right.

I’m proud of you,