Tales from Abroad: Katie Keelin

Katie Keelin is a Junior Gustie currently studying away in Denmark. This week, she took a moment to reflect on her time there so far, which has been a truly positive experience for her.

Katie said she chose to study away in Denmark primarily because of a study abroad program called DIS, centered out of Copenhagen. 

“DIS offers a lot of unique opportunities that other programs do not have. For example, you go on two separate trips to various parts of Europe with your main class. It is a fun way to see how what you learn in the classroom applies to the real world. I also felt really drawn to the city of Copenhagen and knew it was the right fit for me.”

When asked about how she prepared for a semester abroad, she said the process was not overly-stressful. “I didn’t do that much preparation actually,” Keelin said. 

“Packing for a whole semester in one suitcase was the hardest part. I definitely did spend some time researching Copenhagen, but I also left myself to be surprised.”

Keelin said the best part of her trip so far has been “just getting to explore an entirely new country. “Before this, I had never been to Denmark before, so it has been fun coming to a new place and learning all about it.”

 Fortunately, she couldn’t think of any negative parts of her trip so far. “There hasn’t been anything that has happened that has been horrible besides a little homesickness, thankfully,” Keelin said.

However, Keelin admits that she is still learning some of the intricacies of Danish culture, as she explained. “I am actually living with a Danish host family this semester. There are definitely some everyday things that they do that I’m not used to, but I’m getting more and more acclimated the longer that I am here. One thing that I find very interesting is that the Danes do not jaywalk at all.”

Keelin would highly recommend studying abroad to any Gustie that is considering it.

 “If you have any opportunity to study abroad you should do it. Even if it is just for J-term or the summer and not a full semester, it is a very rewarding experience. You learn a lot about yourself and new cultures.”

Katie’s experience abroad has been a positive, educational, and rewarding experience so far. We wish her the best in her travels for the remainder of the semester.

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