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CAB plans to have comedian, Andrew Sleighter, in Courtyard Cafe | The Gustavian Weekly

By Elsa Beise - Staff Writer | March 23, 2018 | News

Andrew Sleighter will be performing live at Gustavus.

Andrew Sleighter will be performing live at Gustavus.

The Campus Activities Board is known for bringing entertaining performers, hypnotists, and comedians to campus.

It is planning to bring comedian, Andrew Sleighter, when students get back from Spring Break.

Sleighter has appeared on the prank show, Money From Strangers, on MTV, wrote comedy sketches for Comedy Central and premiered his late night stand up comedy routine on Conan.

Sleighter is a renowned comedian and The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is excited to host this campus event and hope that it will be a positive experience for Gustavus students.

“We saw him perform in a showcase [at a] regional Campus Activities conference last spring and were enthralled by his style, comedy, and delivery. He’s hilarious,” Co-President of CAB,Senior Connor Myhre said.

Coffeehouse Executive and Senior Anna Johnson, who is in charge of organizing and running CAB events that take place in the Courtyard Cafe, was given the opportunity to attend this conference and see Sleighter perform live.

She thought he would be a great fit for Gustavus students.

“We found Andrew Sleighter at this conference and really enjoyed his performance, so we decided to bring him to campus,” Johnson said.

Sleighter’s performance jumped out at the CAB representatives at the conference and made himself seem like a perfect fit for the Gustavus campus and its students.

The idea of a comedian came about after certain members of CAB wanted to give Gustavus students the chance to relax and laugh a little.

“Gusties deserve the chance to take a break and enjoy a good laugh. They work super hard, and we know that laughing is one of the best ways to relieve stress,” Myhre said.

Other members didn’t worry about the act itself, they simply were intrigued by Sleighter’s dynamic.

“It wasn’t really a question of what his act was, we just thought he was good,” Johnson said.

Students are encouraged to attend this event to see a big name comedian and to just simply enjoy themselves.

“[Students] will get to see a hilarious stand up comedian who has seen much larger stages than Gustavus, but is coming to share his talents with us. He is hilarious and will keep you laughing all night,” Johnson said.

Not only will students be able to laugh, but it will offer a creative way to relieve stress and kick off their week.

“If Gusties are looking to decompress and cap off their Monday, good stand up is the key. It’s the perfect way to do it,” Myhre said.

The campus will also be able to change it’s always on-the-go energy with a fun and comedic dynamic for a period of time.

“It’s always so much to spend time laughing, and [comedy performances] create a great energy for the campus,” Senior and CAB Co-President, Megan Kallestad said.

Sleighter’s show will be a unique CAB event in which the Gustavus campus can come together.

It will also be a different event for CAB, who has typically hired musical guests.

“CAB tries to appeal to a wide range of student interests across campus, and bringing in performers like this is one of the ways we do that,” Johnson said.

This event is one of the many ranges of shows CAB puts together for Gustavus students.

“[CAB] want[s] to provide programming on all levels: big, small, educational, entertaining, you name it so this fits with our mission and diversifies the kinds of entertainment we bring,” Myhre said.

This performance can also help to boost student morale right before a big exam time.

“Students should attend this event because it is a great way to de-stress a little right before midterms.

One hour out of an evening will help them take a break, relax, and be able to get back into a studying mindset after laughing with friends,” Kallestad said.

Taking a small amount of time to attend this CAB event can help students to take some time for themselves in a period of the year that can be stressful.

If students are interested in being a part of CAB for the next academic school year, applications are available at the information desk in the Jackson Campus Center.

On Monday, March 26 comedian Andrew Sleighter is performing a comedy show in the Courtyard Cafe from 7-9 P.M.