Finals Survival Guide

The end of the semester is quickly approaching, but before students can enjoy the break there are finals that demand to be taken. For many students, finals mean late nights of studying, finishing projects and added stress. Self care and sleep can is often put aside to focus on studying. To help alleviate some general worries about finals, here are a few tips from students to help Gusties survive their finals.


“Eat healthy and drink water, it’s easy to eat badly.”- Henry Adebisi

“Staying up extra late does more harm than good. Go to bed.”- Olivia Niles

“Don’t forget to sleep, you need rest to remember what you’ve learned!”- Lindsey Kline

“Make sure to eat healthy during finals week. Go to tutors, the writing center, or CARE if you need help with anything.”- Ehsan Ali Ashgar


“Take breaks when you think you need them. They will help you focus when you go back to studying. Try taking a walk, or spending 10 minutes on your phone, have a snack, etc.

Try to pace your studying. Don’t try to  cram everything in all at the last second.” – Savannah Maynard

“Take time to do something you enjoy (like a hobby) during finals week, even if it is 15 minutes of something like knitting or just laughing with friends.

Drink lots of water, sleep, create study groups, make a plan or a list of when you need to be working on things, try to stick to a sleep schedule. It’s helpful to go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time.” – Liz Toben

“I believe that taking time for yourself is valuable. Studying is the most important thing during finals week, of course, but that studying will be most effective if you take care of your holistic self.

Allow yourself to take a long stroll, keeping your mind off of tests. Sleep if you need to, take a break with a friend, or reading something just for fun.

You are always smarter than you might think.” – Alex Theship

“Start studying early, even if it’s only a little bit each day!” –  Greta Dupslaff

“My tip for finals week is to put the effort to finish well in the end but don’t exhaust yourself in the process. Finals become a lot harder if you’re running on minimal energy.” –  Haley Kaul

“C’s get degrees.” – Josh Monson

“Make sure one day a week you don’t do homework so plan strategically and keep due dates in mind.

When writing papers, make sure you know the deadline.

Let some things go.

Make a priority list to figure that out.”- Morgan Fuller

“Don’t spend 24/7 on school and studying.”- Carl Erik Young

“Take lots of vitamin C…That’s my survival tip for life”- Amelia Unteidt

“Allow yourself to take short breaks while studying to do things you enjoy so you don’t feel overwhelmed.” – Emily Wagner

“Take breaks and don’t forget to breathe.”- Brittany Courteau


“Staying up late to study isn’t worth the trouble. Just go to bed. Midnight express is cool, you should go. Also, free food, that’s actually pretty okay. On the subject of food, please it eat regularly. Finals can be time consuming but really basic self-care is more important.”- Sarah Caldow

“Make sure to take breaks, your brain needs rest to learn.”- Emily Komperud

“Carry food with you and study in spaces/ conditions similar to how you will take the test”.- Hannah Nolte

“Take time to study with peers who are in the same class as you. Talking things through, asking questions, and quizzing each other is a great way to revisit past topics and any pieces that may still be confusing. Good luck my fellow Gusties, I believe in you!”- Mariah Geer