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Seven Mile Creek Park welcomes Gusties

By Corbyn Jenkins - Staff Writer | October 13, 2017 | variety

Seven Mile Creek Park hosts a playground, bonfire pit, two volleyball courts, and three pavilion shelters.

Seven Mile Creek Park hosts a playground, bonfire pit, two volleyball courts, and three pavilion shelters.

As fall semester sets in, getting off campus serves as a nice break from the chaotic stressors of college life.

Seven Mile Creek Country Park is a beautiful 628 acre park located close to campus, just off Highway 169 between St. Peter and Mankato. Now is the time to go visit, as the leaves are changing colors, and the views promise to be beautiful.

This park is said to be the finest in the area because of its beauty and what it has to offer. There are over ten miles of multi-use trails to explore on by walking, running, biking, etc. There is also a beautiful creek that flows throughout the park.

“When I walk around Seven Mile Creek Park the smells of nature calm my emotions and relax me. This is the beauty of nature.

“As you walk around in the park, you don’t even notice the smell, until the smell calms you down, and relaxes your subconscious enough [for you]to become aware,” Sophomore Chao Yu said.

Not only is the park full of pristine nature, it also has equestrian parking and a highway underpass. There is a boat landing on the Minnesota River, as well as a playground for children.

Throughout the part, there are shelters and picnic areas. For those who want to get a game of baseball or volleyball in, there are two volleyball courts and a ball diamond.

“Seven Mile Creek Park is a nice place to go on a hike by yourself or with friends and see more of the fall colors through the valley.

“It is a view that will leave you in awe, and you will want to capture the moment forever,” Senior Solveig Svendsen said.

While exploring the park, you may notice the many slopes of rocks and sediments. When you enter the park, you can see the sandstone slopes which is the oldest rock exposed in the park. It is over 500,000,000 years old.

There is an abundance of geological history hidden throughout the park. The park is estimated to have over 150,000 visitors annually. People are able to plan events for birthday parties, family reunions or a graduation parties.

Others head to the park with some friends to hang out. It could also be a great place to have some team bonding. If you are a photographer, or just want to take some photos with friends with some great backgrounds, this park is a great place to start.

As stressed out college students it is essential to find some time to refresh your mind and body in the outdoors.

“Seven Mile Creek Park is a nice place to go on a hike by yourself or with friends and see more of the fall colors through the valley. ” –  Solveig Svendsen

Put down the school work for a half hour and take a walk by yourself or with friends and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful fall views that seven mile creek park has to offer.

“I love going to Seven Mile Creek Park because it gets me away from my technology and stress from school for a bit” Sophomore Linsey Wolf said.

Tonight, October 13, the Campus Activities Board is hosting a bonfire at Seven Mile Creek Park. It is taking place from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Buses will be available from three flags for those without transportation. There will be a bonfire, s’mores, and night games.

Before the frost sets in and the stress of classes increase, go enjoy the park and all it has to offer.

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