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By The Weekly Staff | September 15, 2017 | Feature Photo, Features

First-Year Bucket List

First-Year Bucket List

1. Work for the WEEKLY!

2. Go traying down Old Main Hill after it snows.

3. Take a picture with Becky B.

4. Forget your keys in your room.

5. Pull an all-nighter.

6. Get a noise violation from your CF (but not really because it’s $50).

7. Go to a weekend movie.

8. Hammock in the arb.

9. Go to the Co-Ed Haunted House.

10. Thursday FIKA at the Swedish House.

11. Go to the Nobel Conference.

12. Go to C in CC (Christmas in Christ Chapel).

13. Find the sauna and use it.

14. Bring the wrong folder or notebook to class.

15. Get lost.

16. “Three Crowns”.

17. Survive death hill.

18. Go to Diamond Dust Bakery

19. Gain the freshman 15 (is it even real?)

20. Receive a care package.

21. Study abroad.

22. Join Greek Life (or what’s left of it).

23. Order late-night pizza.

24. Join intramurals.

25. Attend the Homecoming game.

26. Wake up after your 8AM has started.

27. Eat at the Co-Op.

28. Go to events just for free Frost-Your-Owns.

29. Insomnia cookies.

30. Attend a game of every sport.

31. Learn the Gustavus rivalries.

32. Use up all your caf money before the year ends.

33. Attend President’s Ball.

34. Play Campus Golf.

35. Go to the Big Concert.

36. Marry your square dance soulmate.

37. Switch your major five or more times.

38. Shut down the library.

39. Attend the Drag Show.

40. Fail a class.

41. Revive the Dive.

42. Spot campus animal (RIP Cooper)

43. Take a safe ride out of laziness.

44. Find Mattson Hall.

45. Exterminate your room of bugs.

46. Go to LineUs.

47. Don’t set off the fire alarm.

48. Study at River Rock.

49. Listen to the GAC radio.

50. Ruin your clothes in the laundry.

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