The Gustavian Weekly

2017 April 21

Health Care: It’s Complicated

A month ago, our president, in his infinite wisdom, said “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.” On the contrary, Donald—everybody knew. It seems it took 70 years for the star of the infamous Access Hollywood tapes to learn […]

Violence, Voyeurism, and NBC

This past Sunday night, NBC Evening News opened their program: “Good evening, we begin tonight with a story we would rather not be telling.” Earlier that day, at approximately 11 am, a man uploaded a series of videos to Facebook, […]

Uncovering “Silenced Crimes”

Global social issues like human trafficking, female genital mutilation (FGM), and child marriage are widely known about and I think there’s a worldwide consensus that they are problems and should be resolved to improve our societies. Even though the term […]

Letter to the Editor (4/21/2017)

I had the privilege of getting to know Karrin Becker during the Fall semester of 2014, when we ended up in the same study abroad program in Valparaíso, Chile. Looking back on the trips, conversations and experiences we shared, what […]

Bergman kicks off ‘Blueprint for Progress’: The President’s Council for Diversity Equity and Inclusion annouces three year plan to improve college policy

President Bergman recently announced a new action plan created by The Presidents Council for Diversity Equity and Inclusion entitled the Blueprint for Progress. Aiming to better the college’s policies and practices to further fair access to resources. On April 12 […]

Diversity Center panel discuss social issues and identity

Women of Color Summit to be held on campus : First annual conference aims to inpsire and provide networking opportunities

The Diversity Center at Gustavus Adolphus College hosted its first Women of Color Summit to support and empower young Women of Color who attend post-secondary education institutions within Minnesota. The summit hosted keynote speaker Minnesota State Representative Susan Allen, the […]

Campus Safety Report (4/21/17)

Monday, April 03 ● Campus Safety responded to the Jackson Campus Center for a medical transport. One student was transported to the ER. ● Campus Safety and Residential Life responded to a suspected drug violation in Rundstrom Hall. Case referred […]

Class of twenty seventeen

We all know what happens come May: the safety net of college tears away and you plummet into the real world. In other words, the days of sleeping until noon and eating Easy Mac are gone. With those days near […]

Tales from Abroad – Jenna Hooper

I studied abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia in the Fall of 2015. One highlight? Babies in jars. If you cross the Dvortsoviy Bridge on Nevsky Prospekt and hang a left you’ll come across the Kuntskamera, Russia’s first anthropological museum. You […]