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The Gustavus Bucket List

By The Weekly Staff | April 7, 2017 | Feature Photo, Features

The Gustavus Bucket List

The Gustavus Bucket List

Known for its strong academics, qualified professors, and welcoming community, Gustavus is home to a variety of distinctive opportunities. While some of these include more traditional moments like Homecoming and sporting events, there are many experiences unique to Gustavus.

Below are just a few of the many possibilities Gusties have available to them!

1. Study Abroad

Join over 50% of Gusties and study abroad during your time at Gustavus. Travel to Sweden, Ireland, Spain, Argentina, and more!

“Last spring I dropped everything and studied abroad in Malaysia. I probably learned more in five months than I have in my entire undergraduate career. It was a life changing experience that I would highly recommend,” Senior Jenna Arvidson said.

2. Take a Walk in Linnaeus Arboretum

Located conveniently on campus, Linnaeus Arboretum includes formal gardens, trees, and beautiful trails.

The idea for the Arboretum was initiated in 1972 when President Barth asked Charles Mason, professor of Biology, for trees around the president’s house.

In 1973, the first trees of the arboretum were planted by volunteers.

3. Traying

Grab a cafeteria tray and participate in the infamous Gustie tradition of sliding down the snowy hill outside Old Main during the bitter winter months!

4. Attend Christmas in Christ Chapel

A tradition since 1973, Christmas in Christ Chapel is brought to life by over 300 students, faculty, and staff each year through music, dance, spoken word, and the visual arts.

Each year a different theme is chosen with choirs and orchestras performing live for over 5000 audience members.

5. President’s Ball

Dance the night away at the annual President’s Hall. A semi-formal dinner event, the dance features live music and an opportunity to spend time with peers and participate in a popular Gustavus event.

6. Homecoming Game

Taking place each fall, Homecoming is a celebration with family, alumni, current students, and the greater Gustavus community.

Homecoming Week features performances, activities, free food, and more!

“Last year, I made an effort to participate in every Homecoming Week activity. It was a great way to embrace Gustavus and be a part of a larger community,” Junior Walker Pearson said.

8. Participate in Intramural Sports

Round up some friends and join an intramural sports team!

“I’ve played intramural basketball, volleyball, and football. They’re an easy way to stay involved and active while hanging out with your friends,” Junior Jake Glaser said.

9. Eat a Frost-Your-Own

To the ordinary eye, one might assume its a frosted sugar cookie, but any Gustie recognizes the wonder of a caf frost-your-own.

10. Get Involved!

Gustavus offers over 100 student organizations and 21 men’s and women’s varsity sports, offering students many opportunities to get involved with the community.

11. Nobel Conference

Started in 1963, the Nobel Conference brings students, educators and members of the general public together with the leading thinkers of our time, to explore revolutionary, transformative and pressing scientific questions and the ethical issues that arise with them.

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