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Campus Safety Report (3/10/17)

By The Weekly Staff | March 10, 2017 | Campus safety report

Monday, February 27

A Collegiate Fellow submitted a report about a student of concern in Pittman Hall.

Thursday, March 02

Campus Safety Director took a report of a confrontation between two students involving threats.

Friday, March 03

A Collegiate Fellow documented reports of a student of concern in Sohre Hall.

Campus Safety responded to Health Service to take a report of an injury that occurred outside Southwest Hall.

Campus Safety responded to a non-student of concern in Norelius Hall.

An online report was submitted about unidentified persons’ bias-related yelling from a moving vehicle that occurred on March 1, 2017.

Saturday, March 04

Campus Safety responded to a fire alarm in Sorensen Hall.  A fire extinguisher was missing and appeared to have been discharged. No fire or other damage were found.

Campus Safety responded to a report of a suspicious person at Pittman Hall.  A student had been knocking on doors and was escorted back to their residence hall.

Campus Safety responded to a report of damage in Southwest Hall.  Two exit signs were found knocked off their brackets.

Sunday, March 05

Campus Safety and Residential Life responded to an alcohol violation in Norelius Hall. One student was referred to the campus conduct system for underage consumption.

Campus Safety responded to a medical assist in the Lund Center and transported one student to River’s Edge hospital for an injury.

Campus Safety responded to a fire alarm in the International Center and documented an incense policy violation involving one student

Tip of the Week:

Social media impersonation is a challenge for students and administrators. In what is often described as a form of cyber bullying, the perpetrator sets up a social media account using someone else’s name and photo, and then posts defamatory content.

The National Cyber Security Alliance’s Stay Safe provides the following safety tips:

*Privacy and security settings exist for a reason: Learn about and use the privacy and security settings on social networks. They are there to help you control who sees what you post and manage your online experience in a positive way.

*Your online reputation can be a good thing: Recent research also found that recruiters respond to a strong, positive personal brand online.