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Beneath the Crown (1/22/16)

What are you thinking of majoring in and why? “I’m studying history because I think it’ll give me a great deal of flexibility in my career. History, as I see it, is a great way to build “soft” skills. These […]

Comic (1/22/16) – “Winter Wear”

Gustie of the Week – Griffin Reed

In his senior year of high school Griffin Reed began working for the Eye Bank in his home town of Rochester, Minnesota as a procurement technician after taking an anatomy class in high school. Thus marks the beginning of his […]

Happy New Year 2016!

Each year on December 31, millions of people gather together with friends and family to ring in the new year. Beyond the celebration of finishing a year lies the anticipation of a fresh start, a new beginning, and the promise […]

More Than Just a Broom

Long have people tried to earn glory and distinguish themselves from their fellow man through sport. This theme has been prevalent all throughout history- even cavemen practiced the spear throw. This year Gustavus students are offered a similar opportunity. Coed […]

Senior Spotlight – Rachel Dargis

Q: What are your goals for the season? A: My goal is for the team to score a 183 or higher this season! Q: What is your best athletic memory? A: My favorite memory as a gymnast at Gustavus would […]

All-Star Gusties en Mexico

As it happens, the football careers of seniors Scott Newby, Marcus Kelly, Matt Boyce and Mitch Hendricks did not end with their senior season. The foursome was selected to represent Team USA in the Aztec Bowl, an annual game between […]