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By Kevin Pajor Entertainment Editor | May 1, 2015 | Calendar

“There are so many different aspects that make my work meangingful to me. Seeing students progress and being a part of their journy through music to achieve artistry and observing their sense of accomplishment and appreciation of artistry when they experience it is my favorite part,” said Professor of Music and Gustavus Choir Director, Gregory Aune.


4. Name of the aircraft that dropped the first atomic bomb
6. Root commonly eaten with sushi
10. Capital of Arkansas
11. Group of crows
12. “Twenty Thousand League Under The Sea” ( 1870) captain
13. Ketchup brand
15. Last team Shaq played for
18. Commonly eaten part of the frog
19. “Party up (up in here)” (1999) artist


1. First explorer to come across Florida
2. Former NHL team in Kansas City
3. LSU logo
5. Himalayan “mountain man”
6. Country to the south of Mexico
7. Oswald Cobblepot alias
8. Highest mountain in Japan
9. Defunct car manufacturer of the ‘Gremlin’
14. Paul, John, Ringo, and George
16. Second lieutenant in the Navy
17. Square shovel

-Kevin Pajor