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Month: March 2015 | Page 2 | The Gustavian Weekly

Women’s Lacrosse is bigger than ever

The Women’s Lacrosse season is underway and the team is eager to get on the field and practice as much as possible, utilizing the recent beneficial weather conditions, reaching eighty degrees last weekend. Last year, the team remembers waiting until […]

Men’s Tennis delighted by five match win streak

By Gustavus Men’s Tennis standards, the team is satisfied with their standings at mid-season. They are regionally ranked No. 4 and nationally ranked No. 17 in the most recent Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) Division III Men’s National Rankings. “A focus […]

Club Tennis named TOC Club of the Year

Choosing An Eternal Identity

Who are you? What is your identity? There are numerous ways one can go about answering these questions. Maybe you thought of some of the following examples: “I am a good student…a charismatic person…an athlete…a singer…a trustworthy friend…poor…somebody who has […]

Always Be Discreet

Here is a maxim for your everyday life: always be discreet. All of you who are reading this and smirking, I bet I can guess a handful of things you are thinking about doing discreetly. But I promise none of […]

Work Your Hobbies Back Into Your Life

I’m a busy person. I participate in a number of extracurricular activities outside of my basic coursework and as I move through college that basic load just seems to get heavier and heavier. This particular semester, I have a number […]

The Death of Executions?

The death penalty is always a touchy subject. Death in general tends to evoke discomfort in a lot of people. It makes sense, we’re mortal creatures, and we like living, so dying isn’t really something we want at the moment. […]

United Nations Supports Fossil Fuel Divestment

The UN’s recent decision to publicly back fossil fuel divestment is highly controversial. Many nations inside of the UN rely heavily on coal, oil and gas to support their economies. The backing of this divestment campaign attempts to persuade investors […]

Feature Photo: Petatlán Banner Display

Athletic Training Department puts on annual food drive

Many Gustavus athletes and students are familiar with the Athletic Training facilities and services offered on campus. However, for those who may not be as knowledgeable about the role of athletic trainers, the National Athletic Trainers’ Association promotes National Athletic […]