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Crossword (3/13/15) | The Gustavian Weekly

By Kevin Pajor Entertainment Editor | March 13, 2015 | Calendar

“ Wisemen speak because they have something to say; fools becasue they have to say something.”-Plato


2. Female Bear

3. An___ a day, keeps the doctor away

5. Out of the ordinary

6. Famous beer from Jamacia

10. Location of the Shenandoah Valley

11. An Original Six hockey team

12. “C” in CIA

14. Jewish holy book

15. “ Two freckles past a ___”

18. Ancient Greek military formation

19. Key ingredient in cheesecake


1. Artist who wrote “Georgia on my mind”

2. Actor known as ‘Rocky”

4. President who made the “New Deal”

7. City where the United States Hockey Hall of Fame is located

8. Currency of Denmark

9. Capital of Oregon

11. First ten amendments of the Constitution

13. The “Buckeye” state

16. Owner of the Faroe Islands

17. Planet closest to the sun

20. Greek god of music and art

-Kevin Pajor