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Campus Safety Report (3/21/2014)

By The Weekly Staff | March 21, 2014 | Campus safety report

Tuesday, March 11

  • Collegiate Fellows and Campus Safety responded to suspicious activity in Norelius Hall. Furniture had been moved in front of a room door.
  • Campus Safety responded to a medical assist in Norelius Hall.
  • A student while in Pittman Hall was cited by Campus Safety for a drug equipment violation and a drug/narcotic violation. The student was also cited for underage possession of alcohol.
  • Campus Safety responded to a medical assist on College Grounds.
  • A student reported to Residential Life staff an assault that occurred on Monday, March 10, 2014 at 2030 hours on College grounds. A cup of water was thrown at the student by a group of unknown persons.

Friday, March 14

  • A student while in the Johnson Student Union was cited for underage consumption.  The student was later transported to Rivers Edge Hospital.

Saturday, March 15

  • A Collegiate Fellow responded to a student of concern in Southwest Hall, who reported a physical altercation with another student.
  • A student in North hall was cited by Campus Safety for underage consumption.
  • A student was cited with underage consumption and possession of alcohol in Norelius Hall.

Sunday, March 16

  • Campus Safety cited two students for underage consumption in Norelius Hall.
  • Campus Safety cited one student for a social host violation and underage possession of alcohol in Norelius Hall.  Two non-students were cited for underage consumption by Campus Safety and the Saint Peter Police Department, and were issued trespass warnings by Campus Safety.

Tip of the Week:

Mankato Public Safety is investigating a potentially deadly substance that could be linked to the deaths of two individuals (17 and 22 year olds in separate incidents) in the past week.  At the scene of each death, a small blue baggie thought to contain a synthetic drug was recovered.

Please exercise extreme caution and safety, and don’t hesitate to contact Campus Safety if you have seen similar baggies.

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