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Senior Snapshots: Gusties’ Favorite Memories

By The Weekly Staff | May 10, 2013 | Features

Cristian Raether

533483_10151138034807469_1303524048_n“This picture was taken when I was in Atqasuk, Alaska for the nursing program.  It was Halloween night and some people at the health clinic where I was working were painting their faces for the holiday and asked if I wanted to join.  My costume for Halloween was a zombie nursing student and took the picture as the sun was setting beyond the Alaskan tundra.”





Ally Voss

allyvoss“My favorite memories involve all the time spent hanging out at the pole vault pits at meets and at practice with my Gustie vault family!  I honestly can’t imagine my time at GAC without seeing all their smiling faces, excitement for pole vault and awesome dance moves every day!”

Right: From right to left: Josh Owens, Nevada Wendlandt, Kelsey Harms, Shelby Walsh, and me, Ally Voss. Teammates hanging out at the pole vault pits at the Indoor Conference track meet.



Tasha Ostendorf

bbrock“A few members of the 2011-2012 Building Bridges group after painting the rock for Building Bridges week. In vein with our experience of Minnesota weather this year, last March brought us this terribly cold day along with 80 degree weather the next Saturday. Even though it is very difficult to spray paint with frozen fingers, our group had a blast bonding in the cold. The 2012 conference educated attendees on the experiences of native people in America and across the globe.” From left to right:

 Andrew Schmitt ‘12, Irma Marquez Trapero ‘12, Tasha Ostendorf’13, Karly Mackedanz ‘14, Ryan Franke ‘14, Sherick Francois ‘14, Becca Eastwood’14, Lauren Sekelsky ‘15, Kate Redden ‘13, Catherine Keith ‘12

Emma Hinrichs

emmahinrichs“One of my favorite memories while at Gustavus would have to be the night that the Greeters get their yellow-headbands, and the seniors receive their whistles. Greeters means so much to me, and I feel so blessed that I was able to participate in such a fun organization. We all support each other, and treat each other like family. We love to dance, get weird, and just have fun. I will always remember playing games and spending time with my fellow Greeters. They are some of my best friends and it has been my favorite experience at Gustavus.”

Megan Nelson

Gusties Vote No“A group of over 50 Gusties gathered at the sign in September to show their opposition to the 2012 Marriage Amendment. The moment this photo was taken I realized how strong of a community Gustavus is. Gusties are proudly willing to come together for an important cause and stand up for what they believe in. On Election Day over 3/4 of Gusties voted no. Gustavus truly is a community.”



Mandy Polacco

Relay Dr. A“My most recent favorite. memory at Gustavus occurred at Relay for Life. A few members of G-choir came together to sing the Circle Song for Dr. A, to show him just how much we love and appreciate him. We support each other as a family with traditions that expand way back before our time!”




Hollie Edlund

Senior SDC Poster Fun

“My favorite memory of Gustavus is the people and friendships I have made with these people; seniors of the Dance Department. All have played a huge part in who I am today and know that each of them will be there for me outside of Gustavus.”

Pictured from left to right: Laura Bergman, Teige Cudahy, Katherine Arndt, Rachel Johnson, Rush Benson, Jane Chung, Claire Curran, Emily Hassenstab, Hollie Edlund, and Kimmy Hinman.



Emily Lindberg

482070_10152021687375052_1971928146_n“Ever since we met freshman year, a group of us has gone to Sands Country Cove in St. James, MN to go camping for one weekend in August. Our group of Gusties grows every year and it has become a yearly tradition that we plan to continue long after graduation.”

From left to right: Anna Ayers Looby, Emily Hansen, Hannah Forster, Gina Palma, Sophie Donnelly, Mandy Feeks, Emily Lindberg, Nicole Zibolski, Lydia Benge Briggs, Britt Sands