Calendar (4/26/13)

The Calendar Page is considered editorial. The opinions expressed herein are not the opinions of The GusTavian Weekly, but rather the transcripts of one of the accreditation meetings people keep talking about. I think they went off topic. Friday, April 26 Coca-Cola Educational Partnership Grant Reception: Heritage Banquet Room 3:30 p.m. I haven’t been invited back since I asked for a Pepsi. Spring Swing Dance: Alumni Hall 7 … Continue reading Calendar (4/26/13)

Campus Safety Report (4/26/13)

Monday, April 15 • Campus Safety responded to an electrical fire in a college-owned vehicle. Wednesday, April 17 • A student while in Bjorling parking lot was cited by Campus Safety for a drug/narcotic violation, driving under the influence, failure to comply with a College official, and simple assault. Tip of the Week:   Severe Weather In Minnesota, severe weather takes different forms depending on … Continue reading Campus Safety Report (4/26/13)

Housing process eases concern for some, not all

As the year’s housing process winds down, many students are still vocalizing strong opinions on the residences they have received and on the current state of the housing process. Room draw, the process of room selection for students, has traditionally included assigning students random numbers and having them physically selecting rooms from a board in descending order of the priority numbers. The process was moved … Continue reading Housing process eases concern for some, not all

March for immigration reform

A class in the Spanish Department, Spanish 250: Crossing the Border, has created a march to raise awareness about Immigration Reform: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013. The class, taught by Mayra Taylor, has been studying immigration and received help from OLAS to organize the service project in order to raise awareness about immigration in the US, as well as promote basic … Continue reading March for immigration reform

Gustavus students receive grants to fund future projects

The Kitchen Cabinet will be hosting a reception to congratulate the recipients of the 2013 Sustainability and Health Partnership Education Grant, which allowed funding to its winners for various service projects.  The receptions will also allow these students a chance to present and share their projects with those in attendance. Junior English Major Rebecca Hare, Co-President of the Gustavus Greens,regularly updates the Kitchen Cabinet on … Continue reading Gustavus students receive grants to fund future projects

Gustie of the Week: Julia Tindell

It’s hard to tell whether Senior English Major Julia Tindell’s empowering, caring demeanor or intelligence and immense skill makes her a stand out at Gustavus. “She is a fantastic writer, and that applies to basically every kind of writing I can think of. When we read the plays we wrote in class, hers were always very skillfully done, and I would be impressed each time. … Continue reading Gustie of the Week: Julia Tindell

Metal casting in the modern world

Greg Mueller has spent this semester teaching ten Gustavus women about the art of cast metal sculpture. The process of cast metal sculpture began 5000 years ago, incorporating the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. This is also the art form that Paul Granlund, long time Sculptor-in-Residence at Gustavus, used to create the Granlund Sculptures located around campus. The process of casting metal creates … Continue reading Metal casting in the modern world

Books in Bloom merges design with library resources

This year, the Folke-Bernadotte Memorial Library will be hosting its third annual Books in Bloom Event. This event, put on by the Gustavus Library Associates (GLA) is a fundraiser for the library, with all money raised going to increase the library’s endowment. Funds are raised by individual sponsors who donate five-hundred dollars to sponsor a “bloom,” or a floral arrangement based on a book that … Continue reading Books in Bloom merges design with library resources