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<em>Shared Space … Connections in Space</em> gives the audience… | The Gustavian Weekly

By Beth Schmidt A & E Editor | November 30, 2012 | Variety

…a taste of dance diversity

Expect modern, jazz and some Beyonce. This year’s Shared Space entitled Shared Space … Connections in Space, dance concert is a display of dances that incorporates movements from different genres. Seniors Katherine Arndt, Hollie Edlund, Rachel Johnson and Sophia Ogren-Dehn are directing the concert, as well as choreographing and performing. The overall theme of diversity is shown through each choreographer’s pieces as well as how the dancers portray different emotions while performing.

“The dances are so different but yet they merry each other and connect in the space we are working in. There is a diversity among the pieces but it makes it one whole thing,” Senior Hollie Edlund said.

The four directors collectively choreographed the last piece in the show, incorporating 36 of the performers into one piece. This piece allows the directors to work on one piece together.

“It has been awesome to see what everyone brings to the show. We each bring a different piece to the puzzle,” Senior Katherine Arndt said.

The dance company tradition of seniors directing the performance allows those who are graduating to work on something close. The four directors have been dancing together since their first-year at Gustavus and having the opportunity to do this with each other is very special as they work their way to graduation.

“There is a lot of love and support from this group of people. There is a huge family feeling,” Arndt said.

“I have made great friendships and gotten to know some pretty fantastic professors. I am really lucky to be part of this company,” Senior Rachel Johnson said.

This year marks the twentyfifth anniversary of the Gustavus Dance Company and Shared Space is the kick-off event. Tickets are available at the Student Activities Office or at Attendees going to the show are encouraged to make a three dollar donation to a fundraiser geared to the Gustavus Dance Company.