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By Heidi Ide Staff Writer | September 28, 2012 | Variety

Musical B.A.R. is open to anyone who wants to perform and new performers join throughout the year. <em>Submitted</em>

Musical B.A.R. is open to anyone who wants to perform and new performers join throughout the year. Submitted

Showcasing Gustie talent from music to spoken word

The Musical B.A.R. kicks off the new year with Open B.A.R. at 7:00 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 29 in the Dive with two hours of performances ranging from guitar players, small bands and individual performances, to poetry and spoken word.

The types of music range from bluegrass and acoustic to rock bands and originals.

“The first Open B.A.R. is the most fun. People hear music coming from the Dive and they think it is so cool. It is very laid back and informal,” Co-President Zeynep Tuzcu said.

“I am most excited about getting the chance to hear the new talent from the first-years,” Sophomore Psychology Major Robbie Brown said.

“People come up to me fifteen minutes before and say ‘I want to perform,’” Tuzcu said. Anyone can perform, with no previous experience required, just a passion for music and sharing it, whether you’re a dancer, singer, poet, guitarist or anything else in between.

Founder and former President Jonathan Monk formed the group three years ago. To him, B.A.R. meant “birth and rebirth.” Someone who has musical talents and abilities can teach music to other people and spread the art.

Tuzcu recalled why she decided to join Muscial B.A.R.

“It was my freshman year and Jonathan Monk just pushed me up onstage. I sang at the variety show at homecoming,” Tuzcu said.

Afterwards she was asked to perform at more Open B.A.R.s. A singer and guitar player; Tuzcu also has her own band, Zeynep and the Revolution. After Monk left, she was asked to take the spot as co-president. Her favorite memory from the Muscial B.A.R. was performing at the variety show her first year. “It was really really great … I got over my stage fright.”

Musical B.A.R. is very informal and laid back. There is no set schedule for the year, or formal meetings. They put on an open B.A.R. once a month and hold “jam sessions” two to three times a month. Jam sessions consist of meeting on an afternoon, playing music and just hanging out. They also have an agency that puts bands together to go out and play in nursing homes. Earth Jam Revolution, a music festival, will be held for the second time this spring and is also a place where Musical B.A.R. hopes to have a big turn-out.

Musical B.A.R. gives students the opportunity to showcase their talent and listen to their friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

“It is just fun to go and listen  and for the first Open B.A.R. we have a really solid line-up,” Brown said.

If you want to get involved in the Musical B.A.R.’s open mic nights, you can sign up beforehand for a fifteen minute slot by emailing or talking to one of the co-presidents Zeynep Tuzcu or Robbie Brown. There are posters also around campus with additional info.

Some groups performing on Saturday the 29, 2012:

The Hiccups (Maren Legeros, Katie Landreville, Hannah Enright)

 Cameron Jarvis & Company 

 Nikki Rom 

 Cameron J. and Zeynep T. 

 Caitlin Skvorc 

 Dempsey Schroeder & Antonio (Tribute to Well Good Hip-Hop)

 Gabe Gazzola and Christina Sand

 Valentina Muraleedharan and Victoria Clark

***If anyone else wants to sign up, email Zeynep at