G.O.L.D Program broadens leadership track

The vision of the G.O.L.D.  program concentrates on student leadership development  in the community. This year the program will undergo major changes to better fit the need of Gustavus students.The program encompasses Gustavus’s five core values of excellence, service, faith, community and justice.

After a series of program changes, the G.O.L.D. program began collobration with the CSL to develop the program to better serve and meet the needs of students.

Previously, the program offered bronze, silver and gold certificates. One of the major changes in the program is the identification of specific leadership tracks. The new three track system has certificate options for Self-Leadership, Servant Leadership and Exemplary Leadership.

“There is a basically an opportunity for every individual to learn about themselves and efficiently maximize their leadership for all people,” Assistant Director of Student Activities in Student Activities and faculty advisor to G.O.L.D. Program Andrea Junso said.

“The best part about it is that the program is literally designed for everyone: captains of athletic teams, Greeks or CFs,” Junso said.

“Students can go through any of the tracks. Which track they decided on is dependent on what type of leader you want to be, whether you want to act out your visions or work alongside a team. Again, they are all valuable resources to have,” Junso said.

The three tracks are identified by distinct characteristics. The Self-Leadership track will emphasize leading others by virtue of understanding and being able to lead oneself. The sessions will utilize tools such as the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator, a well-being assessment and personal branding.

The Servant-Leadership track is based in leading others through serving others.

“When you empower others, you find out who they are. You can help them be successful, too,” G.O.L.D. Program Coordinator Junior Allie Kalkman said.

The Exemplary Leadership track will  help students achieve things greater than themselves and teach them to be proactive.

“This track is a juxtaposition of leadership and management. It will be more applicable to business and and is an action motivated track,” Assistant Director for Community-Based Service and Learning in the Center for Servant-Leadership Dave Newell ’03 said.

Newell is also the Servant Leadership speaker, along with Director Vocation and Integrative Learning in the Center for Servant-Leadership Chris Johnson ‘83.

“Overall, I think that this allows students to pick the classes that suit them the best. You are going through a cohesive track and are learning what you will need to do to be successful,” Kaulkman said.

“You really dive in and have an in-depth leadership experience in each track,” Newell said.

Other major changes to the program will include theoretical, experiential, and reflexive components to the sessions and specifically experienced speakers for each track session.

Junso and Mentoring Program Coordinator in the Center for Servant-Leadership and Assistant Director of Vocation and Integrative Learning in the Center for Servant-Leadership Amy Pehrson will co-teach the Exemplary Leadership track. The Self-Leadership track will be taught by eight various members of Gustavus including members from the Diversity Center and faculty.

“The more you can stick through it with people, the more you can connect and the more you can learn and gain,” Kaukmen said.

Each  track is offered in full each semester, and to earn a ceritificate for each track, session goers will have to attend seven consecutive sessions of each themed course.The program members hope for more students to participate and take the long-term courses.

“It makes you more comfortable as a leader, having command of yourself and how you act in situations amd empower others which is something we stress,” Kaulkman said.

“The overall goal for G.O.L.D. is that is open to everybody and our hope is that it gets more people more inversted in leadership,” Newell said.

The program will kick off next Friday with a keynote presentation on strength-based leadership and continue with semester long, interactive sessions. It is free and open to the entire campus.

“I cannot emphasize what a valuable resources this is. People pay thousands for this type of education. Gustavus students are encouraged to take part in the program. They will gain many transferable skills being certified in this sort of leadership program,” Junso said.