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RE: The New Gus

By Lauren Bennett Class of 2010 | March 16, 2012 | Letters to the Editor

As a graduate of Gustavus, I am appalled at the recent options for the new “Gus” logo.

First, GAC decided to remove Gus all together. And now, a committee decided to bring back the lion because the crowns weren’t cutting it. I agree, and believe that a college with competitive sports should have an mascot.

Gus was our mascot. The guy or gal that took on a new identity for football games or move in day, that was Gus. The fun, whimsical side of GAC that we could cheer on. Not only was Gus the identity of hundreds of student athletes, but, as Tim Kennedy said, other groups saw the lion as their mascot too.

I was not an athlete, but I knew and know plenty of GAC athletes. It is not right to take away something that a diverse group of students can use to connect with one another. Whether a spectator or an athlete, on the Forensics team or in LineUs, members of Gustavus deserve a mascot.

The proposed logos are not Gustavus. The silhouette of Gus may not have been perfect, but it represented a variety of groups and individuals. Instead of returning to that, Gustavus has apparently hired designers to watch The Lion King and take notes. We have Mufasa and Scar to choose from, or best of all, a Tony the Tiger look-alike. Because Gusties are GREEEEAT!

I am more than put off by the new “Gus” designs. I am disappointed. Instead of looking to Gustavus art students for ideas, they went to an outside group that doesn’t even know what it means to be a Gustie. When I heard they bypassed our own art department, I was saddened. Do not underestimate the creativity of these individuals, or assume they would prefer not to participate.

Gustavus is a unique place that deserves a creative Gus logo, not a half-assed cartoon. As an alumna, I am frustrated, and as a Gustie, I am ashamed. Stand up Gusties, and fight for your representation!



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