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By Max Beyer Web Editor | March 2, 2012 | Photo Archive

The Frost Week Variety Show brought out Gustie talent like guitarist, Chris Cannady who performed a cover of MGMT’s “Kids.” Melody Monyok.


A team of education majors celebrated Frost Week tradition by participating in a campus organization competition of Family Fued. Melody Monyok.


Singer and dancer, Dandara, performed with Beira Mar Brazil at the Brazilian Carnival and led the audience in traditional Brazilian dance and song. Clark Kampfe.

Bushra Wahid and Muresuk Mena strut their stuff onstage during the Africa Night fashion show. Clark Kampfe.

Valentina Muraleedharan and Abdi Umur at Africa Night showed off their outfits during the fashion show portion of the evening. Clark Kampfe.


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