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Blood Drive aims to get record numbers | The Gustavian Weekly

By Madison Pettit Staff Writer | February 24, 2012 | Variety

The Gustavus Communication Studies Club invites the Gustavus community to take part in the upcoming annual spring Blood Drive, hosted by the club in conjunction with the Red Cross from noon to 6:00 p.m. on March 7 and 8, 2012, in Alumni Hall.

“This is the fourth blood drive for me, but as far I know, the history of the Blood Drive at Gustavus goes way back. The Communication Studies Club has been hosting it for years but a sorority was in charge before that and even before that, it was run by the community,” Senior Steven Manley, president of the club, said.

Heather Pallas & Max Beyer.

Each year, the Communication Studies Club hosts the annual fall and spring blood drives. The rising number of donors to take part in the Blood Drive in recent years is giving the club reason to consider adding a third day to next year’s drives.

“Last fall, 238 units of blood were donated. The number just keeps going up year after year so it is likely that next fall we will be offering a third day for people to donate,” Manley said.

“This spring, our goal is to outdo the fall blood drive and donate 250 units.”

Every day in the United States, donated blood is needed for blood cell transfusions for car accident victims, cancer patients, sickle cell patients and many others. Every two seconds someone needs blood, and more than 38,000 blood donations are needed every day.

“Gustavus plays a vital role in contributing to the needs of the blood transfusion patients. The high school and college demographics are so important to the Red Cross because they are our future donor base,” Jenny Kunde, the Donor Recruitment Representative for Nicollet County said, she has been working with the Gustavus Blood Drive for the past five years.

Due to the growing popularity of the Blood Drive, the club is now looking for volunteers to help run the Blood Drive outside of the communication studies major.

“We have a growing demand for help this year more than ever. We would be more than happy to take in all of the volunteers we can get to assist with tasks such as handing out food to the donors, managing the line, greeting people and just making sure that things are going all right in general. If you are unable to give blood, this is an excellent way to take part,” Manley said.

Anyone interested in volunteering to help out with the Blood Drive can contact the Communication Studies Club by emailing Shifts are hourly and are first come, first serve.

“I know that the Red Cross can always count on the coordinators and volunteers for the Blood Drive at Gustavus to implement a successful Blood Drive, as well as the loyal donors who share the gift of life,” Kunde said. “It is so amazing to see the enthusiasm and dedication the students have to making the blood drive a success. It is truly wonderful to see how the whole school comes together to make sure that people donate blood to help save lives.”

The Blood Drive is open to all who wish to participate—students, faculty and the greater St. Peter community. The Communication Studies Club will be tabling outside of the Cafeteria on Thursday, March 1; Friday, March 2; Monday, March 5; and Tuesday, March 6, 2012, for those who wish to sign up to donate or to volunteer.

Potential donors are also encouraged to check out the Gustavus Spring Blood Drive Facebook page. For information about donating and requirements to donate, check out the official Red Cross website.

“We always have such a great turnout. Not that we consider it a competition, but we are proud to have the most successful Blood Drive in the MIAC. Gusties are always so willing to come out and help a good cause to make the world a better place. It says a lot about our school,” Manley said.

“The Communication Studies Club as a whole is very proud to be working with a great organization like the Red Cross, and of course, to be saving lives. There is no better way to make your life count than to give the gift of lives to others.”


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