Jan. 22 – Feb. 6 Safety Report

Saturday, Jan. 22

  • A Gustavus student while in Pittman Hall was cited by Campus Safety and SPPD for an underage consumption of alcohol. The Gustavus student was transported to the St. Peter Hospital Emergency Room.
  • A Gustavus student was cited by Campus Safety for an of-age alcohol violation/non-drinking area.

Sunday, Jan. 23

  • A Gustavus student reported concerns about another student to Campus Safety.
  • Campus Safety was called to Lund Center for a medical assist.

Tuesday, Jan. 25

  • A Gustavus student in Sohre Hall was cited by Campus Safety for an of-age liquor violation and suspicious activity.

Friday, Jan. 28

  • A Gustavus student reported an injury that occurred on campus on January 10, 2011.

Saturday, Jan. 29

  • Campus Safety was called about an agitated person in the Administration building.
  • A report was filed with Campus Safety about a sign missing from a vehicle while on campus.

Sunday, Jan. 30

  • A student was cited for underage consumption in North Hall.
  • Two students, while in Sohre Hall, were cited for failure to comply with a college official. One student was cited for a Social Host violation. One student was cited for destruction of property.
  • Campus Safety was called to Norelius Hall for a drug violation.
  • A Gustavus student was charged with underage consumption and transported to Detox.

Saturday, Feb. 5

  • A Gustavus student was cited by Campus Safety for liquor violation/underage consumption.

Sunday, Feb. 6

  • A student while in Southwest Hall was cited by Campus Safety for a drug narcotics violation and a drug equipment violation.

Tip of the Week

Escort system has changed

We have created a Campus Safety Mobile Escort route that a Campus Safety employee will continually drive from 6:00 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. every night. The escort vehicle will travel a fixed route that starts at Norelius Hall and moves south and then around the east side of campus. The driver will pick up and drop off at 14 designated stops. All pickup points are designated by the yellow and black “Safe Rides” sign posts. It will take the driver 15-20 minutes to drive the route picking up and dropping off students at the designated locations. Students needing an escort should stand by a designated Safe Rides sign, or the nearest building or entryway if available, and wait for the vehicle to arrive on its route. The vehicle will stop briefly, look for riders, and then move on to the next pickup point.

More information and a map of designated stop points is available on the Campus Safety web page.

For more information, 24-hour medical escorts, or escorts after 1:30 a.m., call Campus Safety at 507-933-8888 (x8888).