A slam dunk for Gustavus

Tyler Grey is most recognizable to the Gustavus community as number 3 on the Men’s Basketball team. This junior Management Major and basketball wingman has been playing for Gustavus for the past three years.

He has played basketball for the majority of his life. “I guess I’ve been playing for my whole life. I got my first tiny tykes basketball hoop for Christmas when I was two. I guess that was the beginning of it,” Tyler said. It was his talents on the court in his hometown of Montevideo that sparked the interest of Gustavus scouts.

However, the choice for Tyler to come to Gustavus was not based on basketball but rather the community that comprises it.  “When I was on my visits, the people that I met and worked with had such a positive energy that just fed me,” Tyler said.

After coming to Gustavus, Tyler still maintains that the people of Gustavus are the best part of this college. “It sounds kind of cliché but just being with my friends that I’ve developed relationships with over the years is my favorite thing to do on campus. Whether it’s going to the weekend movie or hanging out at SNL, it’s always a good time.”

Tyler’s friendly spirit is noticeable by the people around him. “I’m lucky to have such a good friend who cares so much about his teammates, family, friends and school,” Senior Communication Studies Major and basketball teammate Mathew Wasson said.

Tyler has worked hard to contribute to the same positive community over the years. On campus, he is involved in Big Partner Little Partner, Student Athlete Volunteer Educators (SAVE) and the GOLD leadership program. On the SAVE board, Tyler works with 12 other student athletes to promote healthy lifestyles to other Gustavus athletes and students through tabling, poster campaigns and hosting Saturday Nights in Lund. The group emphasizes healthy eating and sleeping habits and responsible substance use.

Tyler has been pleased to  spend his second year with the same Little Partner. “It’s kind of fun to have the same little guy for two years. The relationship that you form with your Little Partner is really something special. To see him grow and even take after me a little bit is really exciting. It’s also fun to get to be a kid every once and a while,” Tyler said.

Tyler’s favorite thing to do at Gustavus is play for the Men’s Basketball team. He loves playing with the team. “Everyday is a memory. We get along so well and it’s so much fun to be a part of a team, especially that team with those guys. Whether it’s practicing or playing a game, it doesn’t matter, they’re great,” Tyler said.

The team is equally happy about having Tyler on the team. “It has been a real pleasure having the opportunity to play basketball alongside him at Gustavus. He is always the last guy still shooting and working on his basketball skills after practice, and many of you know it has paid off.  He has one of the prettiest and most natural looking shots in basketball, and that only comes with repetition and the will to be a perfectionist,” Junior Elementary Education Major and basketball teammate Seth Anderson said.

Off the court, Tyler is a management major and a coaching minor. After he graduates, Tyler hopes to get his master’s degree in sports management and become a sports administrator for a MIAC level college someday.

Many people have great things to say about Tyler. “Although being as handsome as Tyler Grey is unattainable, we should all still strive to resemble his characteristics that make him a natural role model to all,” Anderson said. However, since a man knows himself  best, perhaps Tyler’s portrayal sums him up the best. “I would say I’m fun-loving. I’m one of those kids who doesn’t like to have any enemies. I like to get along with everybody.” He has definitely shown these values in all of the ways he’s involved at Gustavus.