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Dirty water kills millions

I thought I would share an interesting article that relates to Gustavus’s most recent Nobel Conference on water. In a report released yesterday, the United Nations said that polluted water kills more people than war. According to the report, 1.8 […]

The Big O

On Wednesday, March 24, 2010 two speakers are coming to Gustavus to talk candidly about a subject few Gustavus students have probably ever discussed openly before: the female orgasm. Taking place at 7:00 p.m. in Alumni Hall, the event will cover not only the touchy subjects of finding the G-Spot and multiple orgasms, but also broader issues such as making safe sexual decisions, how the media influences our ideas of sex and female sexuality, and the importance of respecting both your own body and the bodies of others.

Habitat for Humanity gets ready for trips

In one week, 95 Gustavus students will embark on a journey to one of three different locations to participate in the annual Habitat for Humanity work trip during the College’s spring break from March 27 to April 3, 2010. The […]

Kicking and pushing for Lupe Fiasco tickets

The Campus Activity Board’s highly anticipated big concert is less than a month away. Grammy Award winning MC Lupe Fiasco will perform at Gustavus on April 17, 2010 and tickets are expected to sell out. Tickets are 13 dollars for […]

Gustavus chapter Africa Partners Medical hosts speaker

The Gustavus Chapter of Africa Partners Medical (APM) will be hosting an open forum at noon on Saturday, April 10, 2010 for all students who are interested in the medical and socioeconomic issues facing Africa. The head of the national […]

New West Mall in the plans for construction

The Physical Plant at Gustavus has made plans to landscape a new West Mall on the western axis of campus along Christ Chapel, in conjunction with the new academic building. Construction of the new West Mall will begin in the […]

You Don’t Win Friends with Salad

Finding a Social Life with a Vegetarian Palate Behold, the cupboard doors swing open as the mighty huntress forages for her next meal. Nothing edible escapes her sharp gaze, not even the last package of ramen noodles crushed into the […]

Maya Jayawardena: Appreciating and recognizing diversity

This year, Junior Maya Jayawardena was a co-chair of Building Bridges, her favorite organization and something she has been involved with since her first year at Gustavus. In addition to Building Bridges, Maya also is involved with Gustavus Meditation, Pan […]

Sherlock Holmes steps out of the eighteenth century norm

Sherlock Holmes paints a picture of a man who is as unhinged as he is charming; a complex of complexes concealed in a tough, calculatingly droll shell. Gone is the patient, observant thinker, and in his place is a muscular […]