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Month: March 2010 | Page 2 | The Gustavian Weekly

RJD2 concert falls short of expectations

Monday’s RJD2 show at the Triple Rock Social Club was a funky, psychedelic adventure. Or, at least it should have been. DJ/artist extraordinaire Ramble John Krohn could have done better. RJD2 not only performed with his mixing board, turning knobs […]

Winds of Spring brings a unique concert to Christ Chapel

This Friday, March 19 at 7:30 p.m., the Gustavus Wind Orchestra and the Vasa Wind Orchestra will put on a show like none that has ever been performed before in Christ Chapel. Under the conducting of Professor of Music Dr. […]

Mark Forgy speaks about Elmyr de Hory

He is estimated to have sold and placed hundreds of forged paintings in prominent collections around the world. He was never been caught or punished for his forgery and is known as one of the most notorious art fakers. Who […]

To Meat or Not to Meat

I think that I’ve become a militant vegetarian overnight. Excluding meat from my diet is not what is new for me; I started experimenting with vegetarianism in the spring of 2007, and I’ve been what you might call “strict” since […]

Faith at Gustavus: the dialogue

Last week, Susan Kranz shared her thoughts and questions about Faith on campus. As a CII student, my experience at Gustavus rings of a similar perplexity. In Biblical Studies (aka the Bible for CII), I was shocked at the questions […]

It’s senior year

“It’s senior year. You have to … ” At this point in the school year, it seems as if this line can make any senior do whatever you want them to. As we all start realizing that graduation is just […]

Preparing to shift

We prepare to shift all the time; on the roads, waiting in line, while playing sports, or if you’re like me and pretty tall, you have to prepare to change directions while walking (if you don’t shift your weight, you […]

Re: BEER. it’s what’s for breakfast … and lunch … and dinner

Several questions to everyone who objected to The Weekly’s article on Case Day: When has censorship ever been considered just or effective? Do you honestly believe that if The Weekly does not print an article on Case Day, this tradition […]

Vandalism in one of the showers in Co-Ed

On Monday, March 8, I was notified that there was a vandalism in one of the showers in Co-Ed. Someone chose to write in permanent marker, “(Name) and (Name), get a real job,” directing this message at the building’s custodians. […]

Neutral-faith space

Recently, the proposed idea of a “neutral-faith space” has come under attack. The point of a neutral-faith space is to have a place where non-Christians can worship and practice fellowship; a place where a cross, easily the most Christian symbol […]