Preview for the October 23, 2009 issue of The Gustavian Weekly

The Weekly staff always puts so much work into every issue, and this issue is no exception. Thank you to all of the editors, reporters and photographers who put in the long hours this week.

The cover of this week’s issue is a story that our Web Editor Tom Lany spent three weeks working on; how does Gustavus get its money, and how is it spent? Tom did a wonderful job digging through the College’s tax information and talking with the College’s top financial gurus, Treasurer Ken Westphal and Vice President of Advancement Tom Young.

This week’s other stories include a story on our Gustie of the Week Dan Shimek; a feature on the wonders of the fall season; contributions by two new staff columnists, Haven Davis and Susan Kranz; and updates on the women’s cross country team, women’s tennis, women’s track and men’s soccer.