National Championship trophy stolen

A Special Letter to the Editor by Steve Wilkinson, Head Men’s Tennis Coach

Last weekend the Gustavus men’s team hosted the prestigious Division III national indoor tennis tournament. Eight top teams from all across the United States were here. On Saturday evening Gustavus pulled off an exciting upset. They beat #4 ranked University of California – Santa Cruz. Supportive students cheered appropriately and enthusiastically.

Two waves of students left the Swanson Center between 8:30 and 10:00 p.m. One wave of students left after Gustavus swept the doubles and took a commanding 3-0 lead. The second wave left after Gustavus clinched the dual match with wins by John Kauss and Mike Burdakin. Unfortunately, one of the students decided to grab the championship trophy that was on display in the lobby.

The theft is an embarrassment to Gustavus and a cost for the Gustavus tennis team. The championship team was Emory University, and they had to go home without a trophy. The national ITA office and the other teams could not believe that this would happen at Gustavus. Also, it will cost the men’s team $300 to replace the trophy and to mail it to Emory.

This letter is an appeal to any Gustavus student who may have observed the trophy being stolen. Also others may have seen it on display in someone’s room. Please report to me any leading information that you might have. My number is 507-931-1614.

This is also an appeal to the person who took it. Please consider the embarrassment you have caused the school and the expense to fellow students on the tennis team.

We realize that taking the trophy was an impulsive yet dumb thing to do. Students were feeling good that Gustavus had done so well, yet another school would take home the championship trophy that Gustavus had won the year before.

We are not interested in prosecuting anyone. We just want the trophy back. Please return it immediately or the Gustavus tennis team will have to purchase a new one.

You may leave it on the Swanson Tennis Center desk or the information desk on the bottom floor of the Jackson Union. Thanks much for your assistance.