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Monologues makes a statement on campus

In recent years, raising awareness about violence against women has been a major topic of discussion. People have given speeches and put on workshops to get the message out there, but this upcoming weekend there will be an attention-grabbing and […]

Ben Folds… LIVE!

Before reading another word of this article, I suggest that you find a red marker (any bold color will do), open up your student planner and flip to the month of April. Then, draw a big X on Saturday, April […]

Gusties prepare for the postseason

After going 5-4-1 in their last 10 games, the Gustavus Men’s Hockey team hopes for a shot of vitality before starting the playoffs As the Gustavus Men’s Hockey team approaches the home stretch of their season, their post-season future remains […]

The spouse’s role

There has been some recent debate over the role of the First Lady or First Gentleman. Hillary Clinton, as First Lady, broke convention by taking on healthcare initiatives, reforming foster care and moving her office into the West Wing where […]

Guns aren’t the problem

Once again we have been confronted with a crazed student opening fire on classmates and professors on a college campus. As most of you know, six students were killed and fifteen others were wounded at Northern Illinois University last week. […]

Welcome to The Gustavian Weekly Website!

We’re still tinkering a bit, but to give you an idea of what you can expect to see here in the future: 1. Top stories from every week’s issue of The Gustavian Weekly. 2. A comment system allowing students, faculty […]

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