The students choose their Presidents…

Kimberly Braun, first-year, and Lucas Neher, sophomore, have a good reason to be smiling. Braun and Neher were officially elected Student Senate Co-Presidents for the next three semesters at Gustavus during last Monday’s Student Senate election. Overall, the election had one of the best turnouts in recent history. “I was very pleased,” said Erin Koppang, chair of the Campaign Ethics Committee. “So many first-years and … Continue reading The students choose their Presidents…

…while Gustavus’ search marches on

Board of Trustees to continue presidential search Gustavus will continue its search for a successor to President Jim Peterson. On Tuesday afternoon, the Board of Trustees voted unanimously—on the recommendation of the Search Committee—to reject the current set of candidates and continue the search. In an e-mail sent to the campus community, Chairman of the Board Jim Gale said that although the current candidates were … Continue reading …while Gustavus’ search marches on

Potential greeters hoping to get their chance

Applicants hope to welcome next year’s new Gusties to campus Many Gusties remember their first day at Gustavus—from the excitement of a new dorm room to the many cheers of the Gustie Greeters. With Gustie Greeter applications in, the process of selecting a new batch of high-energy Gustavus enthusiasts begins. Director of Student Activities Megan Ruble said the idea of Gustie Greeters came about “twenty … Continue reading Potential greeters hoping to get their chance

Globe trotting Gusties

Each year when January rolls around and the temperature dips into the negative numbers, it’s easy to envy the many Gustavus students spending the month abroad. If jealousy has not occurred for you yet, pictures of sunsets over warm beaches might do the trick. “We are not here to help students find new beaches around the world,” however, said Director of the International Education Office … Continue reading Globe trotting Gusties

Home sweet home for Gustie Tennis

The Gustavus Men’s Tennis team has been the dominant athletic program competing for the black and gold by a long sight. Since 1969, legendary head coach Steve Wilkinson’s first year on the hill, the Gusties have won 34 of the past 37 MIAC Championships and have won every one since 1989—the year most of the freshman class was born. Although the 2008 edition of the … Continue reading Home sweet home for Gustie Tennis

Unsung heroes

Seniors Luke Burton and Tony Forster provide a vital service for the Don Roberts Ice Rink faithful For many years, Gustavus Men’s and Women’s Hockey teams have put together successful seasons. The combination of skilled players and staffs has propelled the Gustavus hockey program in the right direction, but a look behind the scenes reveals a couple of Gustavus seniors who have lent their time … Continue reading Unsung heroes

Judging Amy

Last week Senator Amy Klobuchar came to Gustavus to lead a discussion on global warming. Although I strongly disagree with her on this and most other issues, she appears to be an intelligent and passionate representative for Minnesota who has a strong character and values. Out of respect for her and her office, I listened to her views on how we can find long term … Continue reading Judging Amy

Why did we go into Iraq?

With the latest statistics on the number of American casualties in Iraq approaching two milestones you’d think there’d be a bit more of a fuss in the media about it, yet it’s been surprisingly quiet so far. 3,972 American soldiers have died and 29,133 have been wounded as of February 24, 2008. And as a Reuters article, from January 31, 2008, explains, more than one … Continue reading Why did we go into Iraq?

In our thoughts and prayers: NIU

What is Gustavus Safety and Security doing to protect students? Shootings in Illinois last week and at Virginia Tech almost a year ago have reminded many that they might not be as safe as they once thought. Such realizations have also caused Gustavus’ Safety & Security Director Ray Thrower to consider how Gustavus can improve its own response plan for potential campus shootings. Gustavus does … Continue reading In our thoughts and prayers: NIU