Global Trees: Releaf Relief

Gustavus students have an opportunity to experience the wonders of nature right on the Gustavus campus. This year’s Linnaeus Symposium features the topic “Global Trees: Releaf-Relief.” The conference will take place on Wednesday, April 22, hosting a mélange of exciting speakers, activities and art work. “The whole point is to get people exposed to nature,” said Bob Dunlap, an Arboretum naturalist specializing in birds and … Continue reading Global Trees: Releaf Relief

Timeless Elegance: 26th annual President’s Ball

Gustavus loves traditions, including the annual semi-formal President’s Ball, commonly known as P-Ball. The 26th annual President’s Ball will be held on April 4, 2009 at the Nicollet Island Pavilion in Minneapolis. Tickets, which include dinner, were sold March 4-18 for $30 at the Student Activities Office desk; round-trip coach transportation to the Pavilion was also available for an additional $5. This year’s P-Ball was … Continue reading Timeless Elegance: 26th annual President’s Ball

The results are in … Olson and Holm Co-Presidents Elect

Student Senate co-presidential elections were held Monday, March 9 outside the Marketplace. Thirty-one percent of eligible voters (743 out of 2404) turned out. Candidates were Sean Tessmer and Nick Harper, Andrew Nelson and Emily Thayer and Matt Olson and Derek Holm. Also on the ballot was a measure to increase student activity fees by ten dollars, which passed with 74 percent of the vote. Olson … Continue reading The results are in … Olson and Holm Co-Presidents Elect

14th annual Building Bridges Focuses on Education

Building Bridges is out to dispel the concept that one individual is too small to make a difference. On Saturday, March 14, the Building Bridges conference will present this year’s conference on “Liberation Through Education.” This conference focuses on educational disparities in the U.S. and around the world. “Education is something that clearly everyone at Gustavus values. We are all very fortunate, and [Building Bridges] … Continue reading 14th annual Building Bridges Focuses on Education

Students unite for a common goal: Case in point

It begins early in the morning. Off-campus houses fill with those who are attempting great feats, those who have purchased a great deal of alcohol and those who will not remember much the next day. Loud music reverberates through the walls; beer pong tables are set in place. Tallies scrawled across torsos and wrists denote how many cans or shots have been conquered. “What’s your … Continue reading Students unite for a common goal: Case in point

National Championship trophy stolen

A Special Letter to the Editor by Steve Wilkinson, Head Men’s Tennis Coach Last weekend the Gustavus men’s team hosted the prestigious Division III national indoor tennis tournament. Eight top teams from all across the United States were here. On Saturday evening Gustavus pulled off an exciting upset. They beat #4 ranked University of California – Santa Cruz. Supportive students cheered appropriately and enthusiastically. Two … Continue reading National Championship trophy stolen

Day at the Capitol: students take action

Government grant programs make it easier for students to afford college. The Minnesota State Grant program helps more than 80,000 students across Minnesota, including many Gusties, to receive financial assistance to pay for college. On March 5, students from Gustavus will join students from Hamline University and St. Mary’s University to engage legislators and learn about advocacy in a trip the state capitol in St. … Continue reading Day at the Capitol: students take action

Update: Gustieware gains recognition

In an attempt to cut back on waste, Dining Services introduced Gustieware this past fall. Serving as an alternative to the cardboard carryout containers already offered, Gustieware is available in the Market Place for community members to take, fill with food and return for dishwashing. The containers are then reused. The program is believed to be the first of its kind and has received national … Continue reading Update: Gustieware gains recognition

The hill freezes over

With last week’s cold spell, some students might be wondering why their room is cold, or why the sidewalks are so slippery. Last week’s temperatures of 30 to 40 degrees below zero for days straight caused issues all around campus and irritated both students and staff. Sophomore Dan Shimek said temperature does not prevent him from doing what he wants. “Although it has been bitterly … Continue reading The hill freezes over

Recyclemania infects campus

Starting Monday, Jan. 19, staff, students, faculty and visitors will be participating in Recyclemania, a multi-school recycling contest. Organized and brought to campus by the Department of Environmental Studies and the Physical Plant, Recyclemania will pit Gustavus against hundreds of other participating colleges across America to see who can recycle the most. The purpose of Recyclemania, however, is not just to compete among schools. According … Continue reading Recyclemania infects campus