Columnist’s thoughts on Deadpool 3

Sophia White-

In my top 5 movies are both Deadpool films, with Deadpool 2 in second place and Deadpool in 4th. Ryan Reynolds has always been one of my favorite actors and I am sure that statement is the same for many people. Even if he plays very similar characters in his films, with all of them basically being Ryan Reynolds in a character’s body, however I enjoy it regardless because he is a great and funny dude. Frequently, my family and I will listen to the Deadpool 2 soundtrack during road trips including the one about Juggernaut: “You Can’t Stop This Motherf**ker” with my favorite lines being “holy sh** balls, oh holy sh** balls, oh holy sh**” sung by a choir.

Deadpool has created some of my favorite films, so with the introduction of a new Deadpool movie, I have many opinions and reactions from the trailer alone. Here are some of my first few general questions: Why is Deadpool suddenly being brought into the rest of the Marvel universe when the story of the X-Men and mutants was meant to be a separate existence within Marvel in the films? And why is it through the route of the TVA (the group that brought in Loki)?

And, oh holy sh** balls, they are bringing in Deadpool’s so-called arch-nemesis into this as well, Wolverine! You all thought that Hugh Jackman was hanging up the claws, but there is actually evidence in past Deadpool movies that suggests that this was planned from the beginning.

In the 2nd Deadpool movie, in a post-credit scene, Wolverine is shown going back in time through Cable’s time-traveling machine to go and kill the version of “Deadpool” that exists in X-Men Origins: Wolverine – partially because that version of Deadpool is an atrocity.

But one thing I didn’t really take into account when I watched that scene the first few times was that you get a brief conversation between Wade (Deadpool) and Wolverine about how he’s there to clean up the timeline, (a possible relation to TVA?) and then he talks about how it’ll make everyone very sad when Wolverine hangs up the claws. He then goes on to say that his old pal, Wade, will make him bring them back out again when he needs him (possibly for this new movie). IS THAT NOT FORESHADOWING? And it seems like it was deliberate for the people who really enjoy the movies to leave them thinking about the possible implications of what Wade said. The language matches up with the suggestion of cleaning up the timeline with the TVA and Wade needing Wolverine to come back and help him out. But the speculation on what he would need Wolverine for is up for discussion.

I think it could be possible that the TVA is going to put Wade up to the task of going into a timeline to fix something in Wolverine’s origin. Which is likely something that Wolverine would object to and find his work useless and in the way. Even with this in mind, I am optimistic that some unlikely yet fun friendship will be found between the two vigilante-esque heroes. Mostly because they are two of my favorites due to their nuanced character development.

These are all wonderful things, but I also noticed that in this new Deadpool movie, there is a lack of some of the most lovable characters. What about Colossus and Wade’s homoerotic friendship? What about Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s sarcastic remarks? Weasel, Vanessa, or my favorite, Dopinder: the taxi driver who wants to get blood on his hands? I am praying on my hands and knees that my favorite characters from the rest of the Deadpool movies are still on the screen when I go to watch it in theaters because they complement Wade’s comedic self-pity so well. The best thing the producers could do for their audience is pull some of the old, lovable themes in past movies and put them into the new movie. I just need a little bit of nostalgia magic. Even if all they did was have an awkward homoerotic trio between Wade, Colossus, and Wolverine.

Another common theme between the first two movies is the irony of how easily Wade gets out of situations and how his terrible situations lead to happy endings. I imagine that would be about the same in the new one as in the past movies, but I wonder what it would be like to have Deadpool 3 end on a cliffhanger instead. One where Wade ends at his lowest rather than starting there at the beginning of the movie. However, I don’t know what they could/would do with a fourth movie if they chose to tell the narrative in that format. Whatever ends up being the case with this film, I plan on seeing it on July 26th with every piece of Deadpool merch that I own.

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