Gusties of the Week: Thomas Sullivan

Emma KelseyStaff Writer

This week’s Gustie of the Week, Thomas Sullivan, is highly involved in the Gustavus community and widely respected by his fellow Gusties. Sullivan is a member of the Gustavus Choir, G Sharp A Cappella, Legacy A Capella, LineUs Improv Comedy Troupe, Theatre Gallery, and the Gustavus Student Nurses Association. He is a Senior Nursing major and Theater minor.

Senior Zoë Zarth, a friend of Sullivan’s, President of the Gustavus Choir, and Co-President of Legacy A Cappella, says she got to know Sullivan last year when he joined Legacy and says that it is a pleasure to sing with him in both of these groups. “What stands out to me about Thomas is his wonderful energy, enthusiasm, wittiness, and amazing sense of humor! Thomas is always so much fun to be around and makes everyone smile and laugh!” Zarth said. 

Dr. Brandon Dean, conductor of the Gustavus Choir, speaks about the strength of character and commitment he sees within Sullivan. “I have always appreciated Thomas’ consistently positive outlook. No matter the circumstances outside of our time together every day, I know what I’m going to get from Thomas: a strong sense of purpose in his work, a positive attitude, and a spirit of kindness,” Dr. Dean said. 

The positive impression Sullivan has made on this campus and its community is reciprocated by Sullivan. Sullivan shares his fondness of Gustavus and his fellow Gusties, saying that his favorite part of this college is its community.

“I really think there is good camaraderie surrounding students supporting students. For example… the cross country team highly supports the Gustavus handbell choirs as I have seen them pack the front rows in the Chapel to see them perform during the music showcases. Bridging that gap between such different organizations and people is something I really admire about the student body. There is a lot of support freely given to one another that I don’t think is discussed enough,” Sullivan said.

It is widely agreed among those who know him that Sullivan is very deserving of the Gustie of the Week recognition for several different reasons.

“Thomas is deserving of Gustie of the Week because of his kindness and his welcoming attitude towards everyone around him. Thomas is a hardworking student and member of the Gustavus community who truly makes this place better through his actions. He is such a talented singer and comedian, is thoughtful and considerate of all those around him, and is a dedicated student who will be continuing to work to make things better through his nursing career. I feel lucky to have Thomas as a friend and am so happy for him to be recognized for all he does!” Zarth said. 

Reflected by his range of involvement here on campus, Sullivan has been glad to be able to follow his passions here at Gustavus whilst also exploring other areas of interest. He wanted to continue with performing arts, something that was a large part of his high school experience, but also felt drawn to the medical field for a future career. In the start of his sophomore year, he decided to look into nursing, and hasn’t turned back since. He finds great value in being able to grow within his different areas of interest, and loves that Gustavus allows him to do this. 

After graduating this spring, Sullivan has a multitude of goals. “I’m planning on applying to work at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids as a float RN while also looking for community choirs or theaters that would operate with that schedule. I was debating on going on to get my NP license but I’d want some experience in the field prior. I also plan on visiting the campus a lot next year, especially C in CC!” Sullivan said.

While his future has great potential, Sullivan has made quite the impact on the Gustavus community during his time here on campus.

“Thomas is a true Gustie– he is immensely talented, deeply committed to the things he is involved in, and leads by example,” Dr. Dean said.