Lund Center stirs up an active conversation

Colin MaewurmNews Writer

As one semester ends, another one begins. With the opening of the new Lund Center wing, some new policies followed suit. Lund Center is home to most of the indoor exercise facilities. This includes the basketball courts, ice rink, swimming pool, weight room, cardio area, along with multiple rooms that people can reserve for activities. While all students and faculty are able to use the equipment and rooms in Lund Center without paying, there are some criteria that need to be met before they are able to use the equipment and rooms. 

The first of the changes is that anyone who wishes to use the equipment and rooms must complete a waiver each academic year. The reasoning for the waiver was this:, about the reason behind the waiver, they responded with, “so people understand the risks associated with working out.” Secondly, users must bring their college ID in order to get into the area. This was implemented so the college could keep track of how many people are coming and going. This also limits access for people who are not from the college. While people now need to complete a waiver and bring their ID in order to get in, this does not mean that guests are not allowed. Each student is allowed to bring a guest to use the equipment and rooms up to 3 times per academic year. If a student does bring a guest, the guest must fill out a form at the main desk in Lund Center before proceeding. 

With these new spaces added to Lund Center, there is the question regarding whether people need to set up reservations. Eckheart explains that the weight room and cardio area are open anytime the facility is open and do not require reservations. The group rooms can be reserved if they are not in use by other groups. (In order to reserve a room or check availability, go onto the campus reservation system.) If people want to use the pool, they must check the schedule at the entrance for open pool hours. Similarly, once the ice on the rink is put in, there will be a schedule at the entrance stating the open ice rink hours. While most areas do not require reservation, it is best to check the availability before making plans in case a practice or event is in progress. Since the new wing of Lund Center only recently opened up, Gustavus students who graduated in 2022 were not able to use it. Realizing this, the college is allowing 2022 graduates to use the new equipment and rooms in Lund for the academic year. “2022 grads are able to use the facility free of charge, and then after that we have that alumni can use it up to 3 times per year free of charge,” Eckheart said.

The last big change relating to the new wing in Lund Center is the addition of a membership. Eckheart adds that employees “can sponsor a spouse/partner or some of their dependents to use the facility.” The Gustavus Office of Marketing and Communication states that it will cost $200 per spouse/partner and $50 per dependent for a membership. The membership will last the entirety of the school year. With the addition of the membership, the college is hoping to also bring in a little more venue to keep up the equipment and rooms in Lund Center. If a membership is bought in February, the cost will be halved to account for the membership lasting only one semester. Because there are quite a few students who have not used the new equipment or rooms in Lund Center, orientation sessions led by two student interns will be held starting next week for anyone wanting to learn how to use the equipment and rooms in Lund Center along with showing where everything is. There will be a signup form at the fitness center desk starting next week.