Weekly staff says goodbye to another year

The Weekly Staff – With Love <3

As we near the end of the year and the cherry blossoms are just beginning to bloom, campus is abuzz with events and final assignments. And although COVID cases are on the rise, this spring concludes one of the first more “normal” years that Gustavus has seen since the beginning of the pandemic.
Many departments, student organizations, and offices have increased the number and scale of their events, especially this spring semester. Events not held for two years, such as the George Hall dinner hosted by the Religion Department, have made a return. As graduation nears, honors society inductions which were meant to take place last spring have popped up across campus. It would seem just as the flowers bloom, Gustavus is blooming too.
The Weekly has also been busy as ever, as our hiring process is now nearly complete. We as a staff are excited to announce that our very own Cadence Paramore has been named Editor-in-Chief for the 2022-2023 school year. Previously, Paramore has been our Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Photography Editor, Photographer and Opinion Writer.
“Having moved up through the Weekly, beginning as an opinion writer and photographer, I’m enthusiastic to step into this new role. It will be exciting to witness how our new and returning editors and writers will contribute their own flair and style to make our paper different from the years before,” Paramore said.
Paramore has also shared how one of their number one goals as Editor-in-Chief will be to add DEI training for their staff, as well as promote the inclusion of more diverse writers and articles that uplift voices from all different backgrounds.
“Since COVID cut my first year at the Weekly short, I’ve watched how our campus has struggled with figuring out our ‘new normal,’ and this has been reflected in the decreased circulation of our very own campus newspaper. I want the Weekly to be welcoming, and assist in bringing our campus back together as a community again,” Paramore said.
This issue will be the last from the Weekly for the year, but we will return for orientation come September. With love we say goodbye to our graduating seniors, and we look forward to welcoming new and returning staff in the fall! Have a great summer Gusties!

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