Art and Music Classes Return to In-Person Learning

Emily VanGorder – Editor in Chief

Most art classes at Gustavus are once again being held in-person. Currently there is no social distancing requirement in effect on campus, though all students, faculty and staff are required to wear masks indoors until September 20. Contact tracing is still being used to identify and follow any COVID-19 cases on campus. Last year students had to sign up to use studio spaces in accordance with social distancing mandates.

Last year, all music practices, rehearsals and performances were held with social distancing and masking in mind. Students wore special masks that allowed them to play their instruments without breathing on others. Each musician had an assigned spot to play their instrument. Virtual concerts were created by digitally overlapping pieces that students had earlier played and recorded. Now that students no longer have to socially distance, music classes at Gustavus are slowly returning to normal.

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