Safe-Six Socializing

Campus life continues to gear up with each passing day of the semester, and Gusties across campus are reuniting after six months of socially distanced learning. After quarantining, we’re all feeling socially deprived and are looking for ways to reconnect and catch up on what feels like “lost time.” Practicing safe-six can be hard when all we want to do is see everyone all at once. However, we must stay vigilant if we want to avoid another socially isolated semester and even more time away from our friends! You might feel stuck. Zoom calls can get exhausting, and the last thing you want to do is hop onto another call to hang out with your friends when they live on the same campus as you. You’re probably wondering: What can you do in order to hang out with your friends in a COVID-friendly way? Google no more, because this week, we answer that question for the Gustavus community!

Have a movie night with your roommate(s)!
Especially with the newly renovated Nobel Hall, there are plenty of empty classrooms or lounges to project a movie! Classrooms and lounges have perfect setups to sit six-feet apart, so you can still enjoy a movie in-person. Or, if you want to stay in bed, you can use an app like Netflix Party!

Go for a socially-distanced walk!
The change of seasons in St. Peter never fails to bring beautiful weather and views. Wonder through the Arb, or take a drive to Seven Mile Creek Park! There’s so much potential to find cool places, plants, and paths. While on your walk, stop for a hammocking session in the Arb (trees are 6 feet apart, right?).

Play video games!
What’s a better excuse than a global pandemic to stay inside all day and play video games? Set up a group server, or play socially distanced in-person to share your favorite games (and show off how good you got over quarantine)!

Craft! Learn a new hobby with friends!
We’ve all had that passing thought that maybe we should learn to knit at least once. Or maybe you’re sick of wearing and washing the same 4 masks, and really want to try your hand at sewing. Gather your materials, find a table (with chairs safely six feet apart), and give in to that urge. YouTube is your best friend.

Make a collaborative playlist with your friends!
Want to make sure that people actually listen to the songs you keep posting on your story? Make a collaborative playlist on Spotify, and maybe even break that habit of listening to the same three albums on repeat!

Play socially-distanced games!
Sick of video games? Try a different game! Grab a frisbee, football, or longboard, grab your mask, and head outside for socially distanced activities. Or, learn a new card or board game with your roomies.

Still bored? Friends stuck in Zoom classes? Read a book you’ve always been meaning to read!
Similar to our movie list, we all have a list of books that we keep adding to, knowing that “one day” we’ll read them. Make your socially distanced days the “one day” and enjoy a new book!

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