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J-Term courses maximize winter enjoyment: Gustavus provides students with opportunities on and off campus | The Gustavian Weekly

By Deanna Giles - Staff Writer | December 6, 2019 | News

January 2020 is bringing Gustavus students exciting opportunities to either study abroad all over the world or create memories right here on campus. While on campus, forget about the zero below temperatures, and enjoy events hosted on campus from a variety of organizations. One way to stay warm is cozying up in the Multifaith Center for story time and hot cocoa. The Multifaith Center will also be having Rosary Prayer, Mindfulness Meditation, worship and Fridays for Future. These events are for the purposes of personal and communal meditation and prayer, interfaith conversations, text studies and contemplative practices.

Gusties can also attend events with the Peer Assistants such as bingo and Tuesday trivia. Come and learn about health-related knowledge with the PA’s.

Other events during this J-term include career tools and resources with Career Development, Friday night dive dances, and Saturday night in Lund (SNL). Career Development will be having hands-on tutorials on Handshake profiles, jobs, candid careers, and Learning to Live. Saturday night SNL’s are sponsored by Hmong American Cultural Outreach with a gameshow theme on January 11, Sigma Alpha Epsilon with a Roaring 20’s theme on January 18 and DEEP with games and Insomnia cookies on January 25. SNL’s are a great way to get-to-know different student organizations and be used as educational events. Before checking out an SNL, cheer at home and away men’s and women’s basketball games, hockey games, swimming and diving, gymnastics and track and field.

During J-Term, Gusties will be playing against Carleton, Saint Mary’s, Winona State, UW-Superior, St. Olaf, UW-Eau Claire, Northland College, Augsburg, Hamline, St. Thomas and the College of Saint Benedict.

Those not on campus during the month of January may be studying abroad at one of ten J-Term IEX programs or a few limited external opportunities, including a program with HECUA in Ecuador. Currently, there will be 249 students studying abroad at 18 different countries during J-Term. This year, Australia, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Saint Maarten are the destinations with the most students, according to Assistant Director of Study Away Programs Bryan Messerly. The study abroad programs are three to four weeks long with two to four weeks abroad. One of the programs is called Brother Enemy: Identity, Resistance and Liberation in Cambodia and Vietnam. Professors Phillip Voight and Patty English will be attending with students. Students will travel to two World Heritage Sites, Angkor Wat and HaLong Bay, and will also visit the Mekong Delta and the Cao Diast Temple in Tay Ninh.

All the study abroad programs are similar in how they emphasize the experience component as the principal learning tool in their curriculum.

The Brother Enemy program will explore many different war-related sites, including Cu Chi Tunnel complex and the Killing Fields. J-term study abroad is a good option as it satisfies one of the two J-Term IEX credits required of all students. “All these programs will fulfill one of the two J-term requirements that students need, so on a practical level, these programs work with every student’s four-year plan,” Messerly said.

Another study abroad program is Glaciers, Volcanoes, Sagas and Songs: Interweaving Culture and Landscape in Iceland. Students will be exploring the intersections between community and isolation in one of the world’s least populated and most remote nations. For those who are unsure about committing to a three-month semester abroad, J-term IEX programs serve as an introductory travel experience.

“One difference between semester study abroad and J-term IEX abroad is during the semester, students are more likely to be with students from other schools around the U.S.” Messerly said

“Students will be with faculty members and with Gustavus students, so there’s more Gustavus support.”  Messerly said.

Whether you’re studying abroad or staying on campus for Gustie festivities, continue to take part in these special Gustie opportunities provided just for you.

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