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New Jersey band performs before finals week | The Gustavian Weekly

By Emily VanGorder - Staff Writer | May 17, 2019 | News

The Stolen, a band from New Jersey, came to campus to perform in the Johns Family Courtyard on May 10, 2019.

The Stolen is a pop-rock group from New Jersey, and has performed with Neon Trees, All-American Rejects, The Academic, and Punchline. The Stolen began as a group of friends interested in music and playing AC/DC.

Since then, the group released their first album, Adults, in 2013, and an EP in 2016. The Stolen signed with a recording studio in 2018, and have since released four singles.

The group is made up of four members: vocalist/guitarist Dominick Cuce, bass player Kevin Smart, and brothers Rob and Mike Chiarappa, on guitar and drums, respectively.

“I introduced the event to the board. I proposed three different artists and then the board voted on The Stolen. It is primarily up to the Concerts Executive to decide which concerts will appear on campus and how often,” Concerts Executive for the Campus Activities Board Mallory Arnold said.

“These smaller scale events are typically planned 3-5 months in advance. I reach out to the managers of artists and bands that we are interested in and get pricing and availability information,” Arnold said.

“From there we vote as a board on what artist we want to book, based on what we feel like the student body will enjoy the most. In the past, there has been a very good turnout of students at the concert events. This event also feature[d] musical groups from the Gustavus student body and yard games,” Arnold said.

Reception to the concert was positive.

“I loved The Stolen concert. They were such a talented and entertaining group to watch. I went to this concert with my good friend on her birthday eve,” Junior Stella Hadjiyanis said. “I heard about the concert through word of mouth from my fellow CABies and other friends.”

“I really enjoyed the concert. I felt bad that the audience wasn’t larger just because the band had traveled all the way from New Jersey,” Sophomore Alicia Johnson said.

“However, a couple friends and I talked with the guitar player after and he said the band was already in the Midwest for another gig and their visit to GAC just extended the trip a little bit,” she added.
With finals right around the corner, this event was a way to relieve students’ stress.

“It was totally great for relieving stress. I was helping run Extravapalooza right before the concert so I just went right from that to The Stolen concert. It was a terrific way to start the night and weekend,” Sophomore Alicia Johnson said.

“It was held at the perfect time of year and really helped with relieving stress before finals,” Stella Hadjiyannis said.

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