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By Maddy Smerillo - Staff Writer | May 17, 2019 | Gustie of the Week, Variety

Senior Social Studies teaching major William “Bill” Naas has committed himself loyally to his fraternity, Kappa Sigma Chi. Naas is not only the president of the Kappas, but he has also gotten involved in other organizations on campus in his time here, mainly focusing on the political sphere. However, Naas’s commitment to Greek life and his fraternity have been the most worthy of acknowledgement.
According to Naas, “Joining the Kappas was by far the best decision I made during my time on the hill. I have made some amazing friends during my time as a Kappa, and I would not trade the experience for anything.” Naas is a strong advocate for the benefits of Greek life as a contribution to the Gustavus experience. “Greek life is a nice outlet where people can experience personal growth surrounded by a group of people who are there to support each other.” Naas also addresses the concerns or stereotypes that might surround Greek life organizations due to representation of negative aspects in the media, but feels these negative stories are outweighed by the positive ones here at Gustavus, because greek life here “is something that is very special, especially on a small campus,” Naas said.
Naas’s experience with the Kappas has been one that has reaffirmed his decision to come to Gustavus.
“I was touring different colleges in Minnesota during my junior year in high school, so I visited Gustavus during the fall for a tour. As soon as I got here, I noticed that there was something special about the campus here. The people were all very friendly, and the campus was beautiful,” Naas said.
Naas fell early for the Gustavus campus and community, and has loved it ever since. “I liked my first visit enough to come back and visit again in the fall of my senior year, and I just fell in love with the campus. Everyone was so nice to me and it seemed like something I wanted to be apart of. By the time admission opened up, I only applied to Gustavus Adolphus College, and was committed to be a Gustie a few weeks later,” Naas said.
When asked what his biggest challenge has been since coming to Gustavus, Naas gave a very simple answer: leaving.
“I’d say that the greatest challenge that I have faced during my time here is the fact that I am going to be leaving the hill within the next few weeks, and I won’t be coming back home. After calling this place home for the past four years, the idea of graduation has been so theoretical, and now that it is coming up in the next few weeks, it doesn’t even feel real,” Naas said.
However, Naas remains optimistic about life after Gustavus. He has plans to student teach at Rosemount High School in a civics class this coming fall, and after he finishes that project, he intends to find a job as a high school history teacher. “I am very much looking forward to starting my career, because I have picked a career path following something I am passionate about, and I am excited to share my passion with my students, and the community where I will be teaching, Naas said.
For students looking to take a path in leadership and community building like Naas, his best advice is to “do what makes you happy…During your four years on the hill, you are given the opportunity to meet so many people, and try so many new things. I would recommend that everyone takes advantage of the opportunities offered by the college and the student organizations.”
Looking back, Naas “could not possibly choose a favorite memory from [his] time here.”
“My time on the hill has been filled with so much joy and excitement that I could not possibly pinpoint one moment,” Naas said.
Naas seems to have had an overwhelmingly positive experience at Gustavus, and credits his friends and the people he has met for making that possible. “Memories that I have range from games of Gustie Golf, attending sporting events, planning fraternity events, and everything in-between. I came into Gustavus expecting the time of my life, and I have not been disappointed in the slightest,” Naas said.

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