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By Parker Lindberg - Staff Writer | December 7, 2018 | Gustie of the Week, Variety

Alex Theship-Rosales is a Senior Environmental Studies minor and Religious Studies minor. Theship-Rosales is described as “epitomizing the Gustavus core values we all strive to live out each day in every setting he’s involved with here on campus” by coworker Jeannie Peterson.

Throughout his college career, Theship-Rosales has strived to take every opportunity that he can to better himself. One of the opportunities that he’s taken is studying abroad in New Zealand during the Spring 2018 semester with a program called “New Zealand Culture and the Environment: A Shared Future” through the HECUA organization.

The program focused on social justice and the environment in New Zealand, taking into account the indigenous peoples of the islands. Theship-Rosales spent the second half of the semester completing an internship as part of an education team and taught school-age kids about endemic species.

Theship-Rosales remembers one of his favorite memories of the experience when, toward the end of the trip, he took an early morning run through the hill country and saw the breathtaking landscape as well as some local livestock.

Overall, he says, “the experience was very adventurous, affirming and life-changing.”

On campus, Theship-Rosales is about as involved as any Gustie. He holds a leadership position within the Environmental Action Committee. He is also a member of the Gustavus Youth Outreach, leading kids in games, studies, and other activities. He also works in the library as the Academic Assistant, is a member of the Gustavus Wind Orchestra, and is a Gustie Greeter.

Outside of organizations, Theship-Rosales is working on an independent film project that he hopes to complete by the end January. The film reflects his interests in

both environmental causes and religious study. For the project, Theship-Rosales has talked with people from a variety of faith backgrounds about environmental issues like climate change. The film aims to look at how religion informs a person’s caring about the environment. Theship-Rosales says that the project is a sort of culmination of his time at Gustavus.

Theship-Rosales has a very passionate interest in environmental issues and sees it as a fundamentally moral and ethical issue. One of the ways that he thinks Gustavus is contributing toward a solution is through its composting program, which he believes should continue to be improved upon.

As far as his favorite part of his Gustavus experience, Theship-Rosales remembers his declaration of his major and minor in the fall of his sophomore as one of the best decisions he’s made. “I found a sense of affirmation from it and knew that it was the right thing for me to do.”

Chaplain Siri Erickson has been a large influence on Theship-Rosales throughout his time at Gustavus. He says that she has provided him with opportunities to explore his faith on campus and put it toward useful means as well as to grow himself in new ways. He enjoys their one-on-one chats and remembers her influence all the way back to his first year.

As for Theship-Rosales’s post-grad plans, he plans to take a gap year to use as a year of service or a year traveling abroad. After that, he plans on going to seminary school and then taking on the challenge on combining divinity and environmental sustainability to help the world as much as he can.

The biggest goal that Theship-Rosales has for the rest of his time on campus is to strengthen the relationships and friendships that he has made in the last few years.

He hopes to be able to spend as much time with people as possible and to keep the friendships going long after graduation.

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