How to Reuse Old Weeklys


Swan instructions:
1. Start with cutting out a square piece of paper.
2. Fold in half to make a crease then unfold.
3. Fold the two edges into the center and crease so the paper resembles a kite shape.
4. Bring the bottom point of the kite up to the middle of the paper.
5. Repeat this process by bringing the swan’s head to the front of the body.
6. Fold the entire paper back so that the swan’s head is on top.
7. Pull the beak forward to create the whole bird.

Start a compost pile

1. Start with torn up pieces of newspaper and carbon and nitrogen rich materials like coffee grounds and food scraps.
2. Find a compost bin and layer the paper by alternating it with food waste.
3. Overtime the organic materials will turn into fresh compost.
4. You can continue to add food and old newspapers to keep your compost going. It’s perfect for dorm room plants.


There are several ways to make paper mache. Here are three common recipes.

¾ cups of white glue, ¼ cup water, mix well
1 cup of flour, one cup of sugar, 4 cups of water, boil for three minutes then let the mixture cool
1 cup of water, 1 cup of water, mix well
Add cinnamon to take away the smell.
Evenly spread the mixture over each strip of paper.
Overlap layers of newspaper.
Use long strips of newspaper, but vary in thickness of each strip.

DIY textbook cover

1. Place a textbook in the center of the paper.
2. Wrap the newspaper over the top of the book about four inches from the top and create a crease along the top of the book’s cover.
3. Repeat with the bottom of the textbook.
4. Trace the outline of the textbook with a pencil and remove the book. The folds should stay so the cover can fit to the book.
5. Fold the paper up at the bottom pencil mark and down at the top pencil mark. This will create a strip of paper that is the right size the over the entire book.
6. Place the book back in the center of your paper.
7. Wrap the book cover around the front of the textbook.
8. Insert the hardcover portion of the textbook into the book cover
9. Do the same with the back cover.
10. The book cover is complete and ready for decoration.

Newspaper hat

Is it time to switch up your look? A paper hat made from past issues of the Weekly is the perfect statement piece for your spring look. It’s a versatile item.
1. Place a section of newspaper on the table and fold in half.
2. Fold the top corners to the center.
3. Fold up the bottom edge.
4. Then tuck in the corners.

Ripen fruit with newspaper

Newspaper can trap gases that are given off by fruit which helps break down the plant tissue fast. This will cause fruits to ripen faster.
Wrap fruit in the old newspaper
Place in a room temperature location.
Overtime the fruit will ripen.
This works best with fruits like bananas and oranges.

Other ideas

Gift wrap
Be environmentally friendly and use newspaper for packing instead of styrofoam.
Disposable tablecloths
Use newspapers for cleaning greasy surfaces like grills
Use it for on your wall (so artsy)
Put old issues in the your shoes to absorb odor
Paper airplanes
Make your Halloween costume for next year
Kindling for a bonfire
Can’t afford a blanket? Use a Weekly
Wrap a bouquet
Open bottles
Dry waterlogged shoes by crumpling paper

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