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By The Weekly Staff | March 9, 2018 | Feature Photo, Features

Room Draw Basics and FAQs

Room Draw Basics and FAQs

Room Draw Basics

When and where is is room draw?
April 19th and April 22nd in Alumni Hall.

What does my room draw number mean?
It represents the order in which you can choose a room. It’s based on seniority so rising seniors will have the highest number and rising sophomores will have the lowest number. You’ll want to have a high room draw number. Check your PO box for your room draw number which will be delivered by April 10th.

Rising seniors: 3000-3900

Rising juniors: 2000-2900

Rising sophomores: 1000-1900

I’m a sophomore, but have enough credits to be a junior, do I get thre preferences of a junior?
No, room draw is according to your graduating year, not how many credits you have.

What’s the process like?
Come at your schedualed time which will be according to your room draw number. The room will be split up with one half being a line of students in order of their room draw number and the other half being tables that represent available housing options.

What do I do if I’m studying abroad, student teaching, or doing an internship next semester?
You can either pay for the room for the full year, or find someone who is studying away the opposite semester as you. Come to the roommate matching a event to find someone to take your spot while you are away.


Housing Questions

What are my housing options?

Typically sophomores live mainly in Complex and some in Sohre. Depending on the year, some sophomores may live in Uhler or Runstrum. IC is also an option for sophomores.

Juniors have the option to live in apartments like Arbor View and Chapel View. Others live in Rundstrom, Uhler, or Southwest. Instead of getting an apartment, some students can choose to have a cluster which is two rooms side by side. Quads and triples are also options.

As a senior you have the most options. Chapel View, Arbor View, Uhler, and Southwest are all available to seniors.

It’s important to note that rooms are not always avaible as they were the previous year. It’s dependent on the amount of students there will be next year.

Some housing options require applications.
International Center
Fill out an application for IC available on the Gustavus webpage. Room draw for IC will take place on April 12th. Applications are due March 15th. More information will be sent to you if you are accepted.
This is a substance free housing option avaible in Prairie View. Applications are due March 15th and Room Draw is April 12th.
ILS Homes
Intentional Learning and Service Housing (ILS) has five homes that allow students to live in a project oriented enviroment. ILS homes are connected with with a project that should connect with the Gustavus Core Values. Applications are due March 15th.
Swedish House
Connected to IC, Swedish House is also part of the ISL program. Applications are due March 15th. Contact Glenn Kranking for more information.

Can I live off campus?
No, unless you are married, live with in 15 miles from campus with parents, or are 23 by the start of Fall Semester. Residential life stresses the fact that Gustavus is a four year residential campus. It is very unlikely that off campus living will be allowed for the 2018-2019 school year.

Can I get a single room?
A limited number of singles are available in Gibbs Hall and Southwest. Singles in Southwest are in suite-style spaces. They consist of 4-6 single rooms. Gibbs has 9 male single rooms and 19 female single rooms.

What is a cluster?
Clusters are two double rooms adjacent to one another. There’s a limited number of two room clusters in Halls like North, Sorensen, Rundstrom, Sohre, and Uhler. Clusters require four students of the same gender. This is an option for those who cannot get an apartment.

Is there mixed gender housing available?
Yes, reslife defines mixed gender housing in apartments as groups of two males and two females sharing a four person space. Bedrooms will be single gender within each apartment and each apartment will have two bathrooms. This option is available for those in the class of 2019 and 2020.

Things to do before April 19th
Plan a roommate
Have a backup housing plan
Fill out the housing form on WebAdvisor
Pay the $500 deposit to

Still have questions?
Come to the Res Life office on Tuesdays from 3:00- 4:00 for more information.
Email Danny Sandberg or Charlie Potts
Follow Gustavus Res Life on Twitter and Instagram @gustie_reslife

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