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Assembly Line Music

Music is my life. Not so much in that I play or perform it, but I love music, and I love listening to it. It’s how I relax and how I get pumped up to do stuff. I even use […]

The BRICS New Development Bank and China

One of the major multilateral development finance institutions in this world.” Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the New Development Bank to reporters. The formation of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) New Development Bank on July 15, […]

Gusties gain perspective on the economy through workshop

Associate Professor of Economics at West Virginia University Josh Hall came to Gustavus and gave a lecture on Mon., May 4. Hall’s areas of interest include applied entrepreneurship and microeconomics with an emphasis on economic freedom, state and local public […]

Students prepare novel ideas for ‘Gustie Entrepreneur Cup’

Sponsored by the Economics and Management Department, Gustavus will be home to its first ever Gustie Entrepreneur Cup. 11 teams of students will compete on Saturday, May 9 in the Beck Hall Atrium for The Cup. The event runs from […]

Campus Safety Report (5/8/15)

Monday, April 27 ● Campus Safety responded to a medical assist at Uhler Hall for an injury that occurred earlier in the day on College grounds. Tuesday, April 28 ● Campus Safety responded to an alcohol violation in the Arboretum. […]

PASO brings back ‘Rediscovering Hip-hop’ to Gustavus

For the many students on campus who enjoy listening to hip-hop, and others who may wish to learn more about the musical tradition, The Pan Afrikan Student Organization (PASO) will be hosting ‘Rediscovering Hip-Hop.’ Some upperclassmen and members of the […]

Sexual assault survivors ‘Take Back the Night’

An event that allows survivors of sexual violence to share their stories and receive support called ‘Take Back the Night’ was hosted by the Womyn’s Awareness Center on Monday, May 4 in Linnaeus Arboretum Interpretive Center. “‘Take Back’ the Night […]

Beneath Beneath the Crown

Over the past year, a new Facebook account was formed, highlighting Gustavus students with their thoughts, stories, and a picture. Modeled after Humans of New York, Beneath the Crown is a way for social media users to see and understand […]

Irving at the Caf

-Kevin Pajor

Entertainment (5/8/15)

“ So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.”- Willy Wonka ‘71 Across 1. George Washington’s wife 3. Western tie 5. River of the Underworld in Greek Myth 6. Crime involving fire 10. […]